Fantasy Hockey Scouts: Blogger's Breakouts - Mid Term Report Card


Last July and August we asked some of our favourite bloggers to pick two players from their respective teams that they thought might breakout this season.

Since we just finished the Olympic break we thought it would be an excellent time to take a look at their picks and see how they are going.  We often look back at our top breakout picks in our 'Breakout Tracker', so it's only fair we give the same treatment to our blogging friends.

Follow the jump for the grades...

Even the best get them wrong from time to time so don't give them too hard a time if their report card isn't all aces.  We definitely recommend you pay these guys a visit... they know their stuff.

To see the original write up by our bloggers, click on the divisions...

...otherwise check out how the picks are doing below, in alphabetical order.


Ac - ducks

Anaheim Calling - ANAHEIM DUCKS

James Wisniewski
Blogger Prediction: 70 games  8+38=46
FHS Prediction: 66 games  7+28=35
On pace for: 77 games  4+29=33
Anaheim Calling was expecting a lot out of The Wiz considering he's never scored more than 26 points in the NHL.  They might have overshot the mark in terms of their point prediction, but they still correctly predicted a breakout from Wisniewski.  Tip o' the cap to you.
FHS Grade: B-

Andrew Ebbett
Blogger Prediction: 75 games  13+42=55
FHS Prediction: 73 games  10+32=42
On pace for: 67 games  8+1=9
After 32 pts in 48 games last year we were also expecting big things from Ebbett in 2009-10.  Yeah... not so much.  He's on his third team already this year and hasn't even hit double digits yet... yuck.   Anaheim Calling didn't know about the Saku Koivu signing at the time of their prediction so they have a great excuse for missing this one.
FHS Grade:  D+


BLO - Thrashers

Blueland Outsider (now writing for Birdwatchers Anonymous) - ATLANTA THRASHERS

Bryan Little
Blogger Prediction: 80 games  45+35=80
FHS Prediction: 81 games  32+26=58
On pace for: 79 games  13+22=35
Whoa there Blueland Outsider... a 29 point increase for Little?  A potential season as Kovy's pivot (which didn't end up happening) could have made the former 1st round a great breakout pick but a 29 point jump is a pretty rare thing in the NHL.  We're just as surprised as everybody else is by Little's brutal season but 80 points was some wishful thinking.
FHS Grade: D+

Zach Bogosian
Blogger Prediction: 68 games  17+30=47
FHS Prediction: 80 games  16+23=39
On pace for: 82 games  12+15=27
Another great breakout candidate but just a bit of optimism from Blueland Outsider.  Still, he's on pace to improve on his rookie season (19 points) but we think he's a few years away from a 47 point season.
FHS Grade: C+


Stanley Cup of Chowder - BOSTON BRUINS

Patrice Bergeron
Blogger Prediction: 82 games  22+44=66
FHS Prediction: 67 games  13+35=48
On pace for: 76 games  16+35=51
Bergeron looked like toast after he came back from his career threatening injury in 2007-08... putting up only 39 points in limited action.  But he looks to be getting on track a bit (at least he's playing) but isn't producing anywhere near the 70 point pace he put up before the injury... yet.  A decent call by SCoC, but a bit on the optimistic side.
FHS Grade: C+

Marco Sturm
Blogger Prediction: 82 games  27+28=55
FHS Prediction: 72 games  24+23=47
On pace for: 76 games  25+14=39
He's shown he's capable of a 55-60 points and after a season shortened by a knee injury he seemed a good tip by SCoC.  We were also expecting a season around 50 points but Sturm (like a lot of Bruins) has come up short this year. 
FHS Grade: C+



Die by the Blade - BUFFALO SABRES

Drew Stafford
Blogger Prediction: 82 games  27+35= 62
FHS Prediction: 81 games  22+29=51
On pace for: 78 games  18+20=38
We'll admit we were pretty big Stafford fans after his 45 pt season last year.  A breakout definitely looked in the cards here, but Stafford hasn't delivered the goods.  We can't fault Die By The Blade for this pick but, it didn't work out and we want results!
FHS Grade: D+

Clarke MacArthur
Blogger Prediction: 80 games  24+28=52
FHS Prediction: 74 games  17+19=36

On pace for: 81 games  17+17=34
Tough call to peg MacArthur for 52 points when he couldn't even beat out Jochen Hecht for a scoring line job last year (or this year).  After 31 points, he's on pace to improve... but not by much.
FHS Grade: C


FHF - Flames

Five Hole Fanatics - CALGARY FLAMES

David Moss
Blogger Prediction: 81 games  24+28=52
FHS Prediction: 79 games  21+23=44
On pace for: 64 games  10+8=18
After 39 points on the 3rd line, we also thought Moss was in for another solid season.  FHF was hoping for a spot on Iginla's line all year, which would have helped but 18 points is waaaay off what we were both expecting.
FHS Grade: D

Nigel Dawes
Blogger Prediction: 82 games  18+27=45
FHS Prediction: 73 games  22+26=48
On pace for: 72 games  13+22=35
Dawes is the first player on the list we were more bullish about than the blogger.  We figured a 24 year old former 50-goal scorer in the WHL could end up playing on a scoring line.  He's had his most productive season (on a per game basis) but the leap forward wasn't as big as we or FHF were expecting.
FHS Grade: C-

RNBH - Canes

Red and Black Hockey - CAROLINA HURRICANES

Jussi Jokinen
Blogger Prediction: 82 games  26+34=60
FHS Prediction: 80 games  13+25=38
On pace for: 81 games  31+35=66
Jussi has already set career highs this season and is on pace to completely pass everybody's expectations... .everybody, except Red and Black Hockey.  Jokinen has found some fantastic chemistry with Eric Staal so he looks to be a fixture on the top line.  A standing ovation for R&B Hockey for picking this one.  Well done.
FHS Grade: A+

Chad LaRose
Blogger Prediction
: 82 games  25+23=48
FHS Prediction: 80 games  14+15=29
On pace for: 56 games  4+9=13
After a career trend of 13, 18, 23 and 31 points... it's easy to see why R&B Hockey was hoping for another big season.  LaRose has missed some time with injuries but has been brutal when he's been in the line-up as well.
FHS Grade: D-


TFF - Hawks


Troy Brouwer
Blogger Prediction: 80 games  21+18=39
FHS Prediction: 80 games  13+16=29
On pace for: 82 games  24+18=42
After only 29 points last year many wouldn't add Brouwer to a breakout list.  The Fifth Feather obviously knows something we don't.  He played a good chunk of time this year on the scoring lines and made it count.  A bang on prediction by TFF.
FHS Grade: A+

Cam Barker
Blogger Prediction: 80 games  13+48=61
FHS Prediction: 77 games  12+38=50
On pace for: 73 games  7+14=21
We thought our prediction for Barker was a tad on the high side but TTF took things a step further.  After 40 points in his 3rd NHL season the future looked very bright for Barker and his owners.  Barker fell to third on the depth charts behind Duncan Keith and Brent Seabrook and was expendable and shipped off to the Wild.  He'll hope to turn things around in Minny but no way he comes anywhere close to our predictions.
FHS Grade: F+


TAF - Avs


Wojtek Wolski
Blogger Prediction: 77 games  25+40=65
FHS Prediction: 78 games  21+33=54
On pace for: 82 games  22+40=62
After three straight seasons of declining totals... 50, 48 and 42 points it would have been easy to write off Wolski.  But The Avslova Factor picked the big 20 point jump... almost to the point.  Another great prediction by the bloggers.
FHS Grade: A+

David Jones
Blogger Prediction: 70 games  25+25=50
FHS Prediction: 76 games  14+14=28
On pace for: 44 games  19+11=30
After 19 points in 67 NHL games nobody (including us) was expecting much from Jones.  The Avslova prediction looks a bit off, but that's thanks to Jones' torn ACL that will likely keep him out for the rest of the year.  If Jones played 70 games he would have scored 48 points at that pace.  A bit of bad luck in an otherwise great prediction.
FHS Grade: B+


LTL - Jackets


Derick Brassard
Blogger Prediction 80 games  26+44=70
FHS Prediction:  71 games  21+44=65
On pace for:  81 games  9+27=36
On the plus side, Brassy has stayed healthy this year which we weren't really sure he could do but we expected a lot more... like around two times more than what he's done this year.  We'll blame Hitchcock for playing him like 10-12 minutes a lot of nights.  
FHS Grade: D

Jakub Voracek
Blogger Prediction:  80 games  14+43=57
FHS Prediction:  80 games  18+37=55
On pace for:  81 games  11+32=43
Jake's a fan favourite at Light The Lamp & FHS and while we expected a little more in his sophomore season, there's still time for him as he's had six points in four games since Hitchcock was fired.  
FHS Grade: B-


Asp - stars

Andrew's Dallas Stars Page - DALLAS STARS

Brenden Morrow
Blogger Prediction:  77 games  31+41=72
FHS Prediction: 75 games  27+36=63
On pace for:  77 games  19+26=45
We liked Morrow to rebound this year after missing almost all of last season with a knee injury but he's having an atrocious year so far... you have to go back to 2001/02 to find a season where he had a lower points/game.  
FHS Grade: C

Fabian Brunnstrom
Blogger Prediction: 75 games  22+22=44
FHS Prediction:  72 games  21+18=39
On pace for:  59 games  3+13=16
While not totally buying into the hype surrounding Fabs, I think most of us thought that he was capable of building on 17 goals he scored in his rookie season... well that's a challenge when you're a regular healthy scratch or in the minors.  
FHS Grade: D-

TTD - Wings


Ville Leino
Blogger Prediction:  74 games  15+28=43
FHS Prediction:  66 games  15+30=45
On pace for:  64 games  6+4=10
We were totally on the same page as Triple Deke when it came to Leino, good numbers in the AHL last year to back up his track record in Finland... but,
unfortunately Leino didn't get that memo and his play and ice-time slowly deteriorated as the season went by resulting in the Wings dumping him on the Flyers. 
FHS Grade: D-

Valtteri Filppula
Blogger Prediction:  80 games  20+36=56
FHS Prediction:  81 games  19+32=51
On pace for:  55 games  9+25=34
If it wasn't for a broken wrist that kept Val out for 26 games, The Deke would have hit the bulls-eye here as they nailed his pace... shame really as Filpulla's been pretty durable player during his career so a major injury was simply bad luck.  
FHS Grade: B+


ON - Oilers


Dustin Penner
Blogger Prediction:  82 games  30+27=57
FHS Prediction:  80 games  22+22=44
On pace for:  82 games  32+30=62
After three straight years finishing between 37 and 47 points, we took the easy way out and guessed in that range, but Oilers Nation believed that Dusty had more in him, and they were right.  Not sure that even they could have predicted that he'd be amongst the scoring leaders early in the season but he's come back to early lately with only nine points in his last 25 games.   
FHS Grade: A

Sam Gagner
Blogger Prediction:  80 games  20+40=60
FHS Prediction:  80 games  21+43=65
On pace for:  77 games  19+28=47
Gagner is the mirror image of Penner this year as we were more bullish than Oilers Nation but Sam started slow before coming on lately with 14 points in his last 17 games... there's still hope. 
FHS Grade: C+


TLB - Panthers


Michael Frolik
Blogger Prediction:  80 games  33+35=68
FHS Prediction:   81 games  25+38=63
On pace for: 82 games  17+25=42
Frolik made the jump from the Q to the NHL last year and picked up a tidy 45 points as a rookie.  Like Litter Box Cats, we were expecting more growth and a big jump in production.  Unfortunately, Frolik has been playing at a slightly slower place than last year and has been a big disappointment.  Maybe if he had some real talent on the second line things would be different.
FHS Grade: D+

Nathan Horton
Blogger Prediction:  82 games  39+42=81
FHS Prediction:  79 games  32+32=64
On pace for: 72 games  24+40=64
After five so-so seasons in the NHL, LBC was finally hoping Horton would live up to his potential.  He was actually on pace to score at a career best before he broke his leg.  Bit of a freak injury so we'll give LBC some props for seeing the breakout coming, even if they were a bit optimistic.
FHS Grade: B


TRH - Kings
Blogger Prediction: 60 games  33 wins & 2.36 gaa
FHS Prediction: 55 games  25 wins & 2.61 gaa
On pace for: 74 games  47 wins & 2.53 gaa
Quick was one of the few goalies picked for a breakout by our blogging friends.  They over-shot on the gaa but undershot on the wins.  Quick definitely took his game to a new level this year... so we'll give the hat tip to TRH for the breakout pick.
FHS Grade: A-
Anze Kopitar
Blogger Prediction:
 82 games  36+50=86
FHS Prediction: 81 games  31+43=74
On pace for: 82 games  37+48=85
Talk about a bang on prediction!  This could be the pick of the blogger's here.  With three seasons of 61, 77 and 66 points it was looking like Anze was starting to taper out as a 70 point guy... well it looked that way to everybody but The Royal Half.  If you thought he was slowing down after a 2+4=6 December his 7+10=17 January might change your mind.
FHS Grade: A+


DBD - Wild

Deuce By Definition - MINNESOTA WILD

Brent Burns
Blogger Prediction: 82 games  18+37=55
FHS Prediction: 79 games  12+33=45
On pace for: 53 games  3+16=19
BB is one of our favourites here but with another sub-par season he's really testing our faith.  He missed 29 games with injury after missing 23 last season.  Even if he could have stayed healthy his production has dropped off for the third straight year (0.52, 0.46 & 0.38 ppg) so he's putting up the anti-breakout here.
FHS Grade: D-

Cal Clutterbuck
Blogger Prediction: 82 games  18+17=35
FHS Prediction: 80 games  13+15=28
On pace for: 75 games  16+8=24
When you pick Clutterbuck as your second breakout it must mean there weren't a lot of good candidates on the Wild.  His 18 points in 54 games last year are an identical pace to what he's putting up this year.
FHS Grade: D


Habit Habs


Andrei Kostitsyn
Blogger Prediction: 82 games  34+30=64
FHS Prediction: 78 games  24+30=54
On pace for: 59 games  17+19=36
If he had no injuries this year he would be on pace for a 50+ point season.  Not great but better than his 41 points last year.  The Daily Hab-it over-shot the mark but it wasn't a complete disaster pick.
FHS Grade: C

Guillaume Latendresse
Blogger Prediction:  76 games  26+22=48
FHS Prediction:  75 games  17+15=22
On pace for: 80 games  27+12=39
Check out these splits... with MON: 23 games  2+1=3, with MIN: 36 games  18+8=26.  His Minny numbers projected over a whole season are an impressive 59 points.  This is a tough one to grade but we'll give The Daily Hab-it the benefit of the doubt as they saw some talent where few did.
FHS Grade: B


OTF - Preds


J.P. Dumont
Blogger Prediction: 80 games  25+55=80
FHS Prediction: 81 games  21+43=64
On pace for: 74 games  15+36=51
JP's points-per-game average hasn't been this low since 2003-04 and while we didn't expect him to breakdown like this, he's also never topped 72 points, so 80 may have been on the ambitious side from the Forechecker.
FHS Grade: C-

Steve Sullivan
Blogger Prediction: 70 games  30+40=70
FHS Prediction: 67 games  19+30=49
On pace for: 82 games  16+32=48
Not a bad idea to project that Sullivan could bounce back to around the 70 point level after being out injured for the better part of two years but Sully's turned in his lowest point production (on a points-per-game basis) since 1998... maybe the miles and injuries have caught up to his 35-year old carcass.
FHS Grade: C+


SOTD - Devils

Speaking of the Devils - NEW JERSEY DEVILS

Brian Rolston
Blogger Prediction: 80 games  22+37=59
FHS Prediction:  80 games  29+29=58
On pace for: 81 games  22+17=39
Rolston didn't click with coach Brent Sutter last year, so SOTD & FHS were on the same page thinking that being reunited with Jacques Lemaire would get him going again... ahhh, not so much.
FHS Grade: C-

David Clarkson
Blogger Prediction: 81 games  19+23=42
FHS Prediction:  81 games  14+15=29
On pace for: 46 games  12+14=26
Clarkson was right on track for a breakout (50 point pace), as SOTD predicted, until he broke his leg in November and then tried to return too early and re-injured his leg... so we'll give the boys credit & a mulligan on this one. 
FHS Grade: B+


LHH - Isles

Light House Hockey - NEW YORK ISLANDERS

Sean Bergenheim
Blogger Prediction: 75 games  22+20=42
FHS Prediction: 77 games  18+17=35
On pace for: 66 games  7+11=18
Trying to predict what's going to happen with the Islanders is like trying to understand how Gary Bettman remains employed... you're just going to end up confused.  Bergenheim seemed like as good a choice as anyone but Matt Moulson was the guy who ended up having the breakout first half. 
FHS Grade: D

Jack Hillen
Blogger Prediction: 72 games  5+15=20
FHS Prediction: 68 games  4+16=20
On pace for: 69 games  2+19=21
Kudos all around as LightHouse Hockey & FHS are both looking good with this pick, Hillen even co-operated as he was probably heading for even more until he decided to block an Ovechkin shot with his face and is now sidelined until mid-March. 
FHS Grade: A


TMR - Rangers

The Manic Ranger - NEW YORK RANGERS

Marian Gaborik
Blogger Prediction: 82 (yeah right) games  45+45=90
FHS Prediction: 67 games  38+36=74
On pace for: 78 games  47+45=92
The Manic Ranger took a free one here.  Not hard to predict Gabby was going to bring the goods if he played all year.  But TMR did go out on a limb by saying Maid Marian would avoid injury so we'll give them a bit of credit.
FHS Grade: A

Ryan Callahan
Blogger Prediction (Callahan): 82 games  31+25=56
FHS Prediction: 81 games  29+28=57
On pace for: 82 games  19+22=41
TMR broke the rules a little bit by picking three breakouts but we'll let it go... this time.  Callahan looked good to go for a breakout and like TMR we were hoping he would develop some nice chemistry with Gaborik.  His 41 point pace only slightly trumps his 40 points from last year.
FHS Grade: C-

Brandon Dubinsky
Blogger Prediction (Dubinsky): 82 games  25+35=60
FHS Prediction: 82 games  16+30=46
On pace for: 69 games  18+25=43
The Callahan pick didn't really pan out but Dubie has put up a breakout pace so far.  If he played 82 games... he would be on pace to top 50 points.  After two 40 point seasons it's nice to see Dubie take the next step.
FHS Grade: B+

Blogger Prediction: 78 games  25+22=47
FHS Prediction: 81 games  21+24=45
On pace for: 67 games  11+20=31
After 32 points last year there was plenty of reasons to think Foligno would approach 50 this year.  After a sub par first half of the season things got even worse for Nickie as he broke his leg.  Nothing but bad news here.
FHS Grade: D-

Blogger Prediction: 79 games  40+45=85
FHS Prediction: 80 games  28+41=69
On pace for: 79 games  22+39=61
Early on this looked like one of the worst breakout picks by our bloggers... after all it was a miserable start to the season for Kovy (11 point in his first 21 games).  But he's actually been on fire lately (25 points in his last 22) and he's making this pick a little more respectable.  If he can keep his current pace going it will look even better.
FHS Grade: C-

COAB - Flyers

Clockwork Orange (and Black) (unfortunately, no longer with us) - PHILADELPHIA FLYERS

Claude Giroux
Blogger Prediction:78 games  24+36=60
FHS Prediction: 77 games  27+45=72
On pace for: 82 games  16+31=47
After a .64 ppg pace last year we were hoping for even more than Clockwork Orange.  Giroux has been good (.58 ppg) but not as good as we or Clockwork thought.  An overshot but at least they picked the up-tick in production.
FHS grade: B+ 

Danny Briere
Blogger Prediction: 79 games  35+38=73
FHS Prediction: 75 games  30+42=72
On pace for: 75 games  29+26=55
We thought the only question mark around Briere would be health... guess not.  He played only 29 games last year but picked up 25 points.  He's got some great line mates (Hartnell and Carter) and power play minutes but somehow he's only on pace for 55 points.  A tough miss, but a miss none the less.
FHS Grade: C


FFH - Yotes

Five For Howling - PHOENIX COYOTES

Matthew Lombardi
Blogger Prediction: 81 games  22+48=70
FHS Prediction: 78 games  21+35=56
On pace for: 78 games  17+37=54
In four NHL seasons Lombardi has never topped 50 points (although he was close with two 46 point seasons).  He's on pace to have his best season yet... which we pretty much nailed.  FFH was a bit over the mark but they still saw the breakout coming.
FHS Grade: B+

Peter Mueller
Blogger Prediction: 82 games  31+27=58
FHS Prediction: 81 games  24+35=59
On pace for: 72 games  5+16=21
After his 54 point rookie season Mueller broke a lot of fantasy owners hearts with a 36 point sophomore season.  We all thought it couldn't get any worse than 36 points but we were all wrong... very wrong.  He needs a change of scenery and might get it at the trading deadline.
FHS Grade: F


TPB - Penguins


Tyler Kennedy
Blogger Prediction: 74 games  18+30=48
FHS Prediction: 75 games  17+19=36
On pace for: 66 games  12+14=26
After 35 points in only 67 games last year it was easy to understand why Pensblog hoped for a breakout from Kennedy.  He did miss a few games in November but his pace is way down from last year.  We guess Pensblog was hoping he would win a scoring line role as 50 points from the third line is a toug
h ask.
FHS Grade: D

Kris Letang
Blogger Prediction: 70 games  20+25=45
FHS Prediction: 78 games  11+28=39
On pace for: 73 games  4+26=30
30 points from a third year d-man is usually a pretty good return but after 33 points last year and Ryan Whitney not in Pittsburgh anymore both us and Pensblog wanted more.  He lost a lot of valuable PP time to Goligoski... who would have made the better breakout pick here.
FHS Grade: B-


St. Louis Game Time - ST. LOUIS BLUES

Erik Johnson

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