Blogger's Breakouts: St. Louis Blues

BluesToday we welcome Sean Gallagher from St. Louis Game Time.  Sean and the guys at STLGT know their Blues and also have a pretty damn wicked sense of humour to boot.  They are one of the first sites we visit every day and we strongly recommend you put them on your daily visit list as well.  They are so good they almost make you want to be a Blues fan.... almost.

We asked Sean eight fantasy relevant questions.  Follow the jump to read his answers...

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St. Louis Game Time

Q1) Blues Breakout of the Year?

Boyes As a Blues fan, you get used to prefacing all of your statements with the phrase, "Call me crazy, but...." so get used to hearing that. Call me crazy, but the Blues breakout player this year is Brad Boyes. He scored 43 goals, then 33 then 14 last year. But guess what? Brad Boyes is in a contract year. Just like he was when he scored 43. Dude has major self-confidence problems and should probably be seeing a shrink, but in a contract year, his agent will likely be right on his shoulder all season telling him that every goal he scores is worth another $100,000 on the contract extension. Pick him up late in your league and then ride his 38 goals to the bank.

Q2) Darkhorse Breakout on the Blues?

Call me crazy, but the darkhorse breakout player will be Alex Pietrangelo. Yes, he was drafted 4th overall a couple years ago, but he might not even make the team out of camp this year. You can pick him up off waivers after the draft and then pretend you're a genius when he starts piling up powerplay points. Because the Blues defense has some holes, Pietrangelo will see second team PP time and will be given an opportunity to move up to the second pairing if he doesn't completely choke his way back to Peoria.

Q3) Breakdown on the Blues?

Call me crazy, but stay away from Alex Steen. The guy was a cheapie who scored 24 goals last year and while I think he's going to continue to be a great overall player for the Blues, I think he's also going to be a fantastic third line winder on one of the best third lines in hockey. That said, it's kinda hard to score 24-plus goals and 47-plus points when you're in lockdown mode and spending a lot of time on the PK. If fantasy sports had a leadership category or hard-worker category or even an awesome teammate category then I'd tell you to grab Steen. Unfortunatley, unless one of the wingers on the top two lines completely implodes or goes down with an injury, Steen's offense will likely take a step backwards.

Q4) League-Wide Breakout of the Year?

Call me crazy, but I think Philadelphia Flyer Nikolai Zherdev is finally mature enough to want to prove some people wrong. A year in the KHL made him realize he wants to play here and in Philly he'll have some talented people to play with. When motivated, Zherdev can control a game. I'm thinking this year he'll finally be motivated.

Q5) Your First Five Fantasy Picks?

Ovechkin, Crosby, Malkin, Stamkos, Backstrom

Q6) Value for Money Fantasy Goalie?

Call me crazy, but I think it's the Blues' own Jaroslav Halak. The Blues have invested a big trade and a lot of dollars into the 25-year-old, so he's got the job and will be given the opportunity to play most nights.Compare him to those around him numbers-wise and he's probably the best-priced guy in the range. 

Q7) Taylor or Tyler?

Tank Call me crazy, but I'm going off the board and saying Vladimir Tarasenko. The guy's nickname is the T-72, which is a badass tank. He's already a man-boy amongst men playing in the KHL and he wants to come play in the NHL.  He must break you.

Q8) Who is Going to win the Stanley Cup?

Call me crazy, but I'm feeling like the Washington Capitals dedication to bringing back 1980's firewagon hockey is going to pay off. All offense, a little defense and some hot goaltending in June and the Caps will become the team with The Most Annoying Fans On The Planet(TM).

BONUS) With so many Blues players on Twitter... who's the first one to pull a Dan Ellis?

No question this is going to be David Perron. I like everything about this kid: he wears flashy gear, he loves to make flashy plays, he loves to say what he's actually thinking rather than throw out a cliche. He's guaranteed to assume the wild card mantle long ago vacated by Brett Hull. He's going to score some beautiful goals this year and then he's going to say some beautiful thing on Twitter and everyone is going to come down on him for speaking his mind.

It's sad really, beacuse we all hate the cliches, but when a guy says what he really feels he gets pounded for it. Perron will undoubtedly have it happen to him this year.

Call us crazy, but we're pretty sure Sean didn't answer Q7 properly... we'll let it go this time because, like Sean, we're big fans of T-72's.  If you enjoyed Sean's BB head over to STLGT and check out the goods.

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