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Today our blogging team expert is Dominik from Lighthouse Hockey... he's the Mike Bossy of Islanders' bloggers (meaning: our favourite) and just like Bossy, when the Isles (FHS) needs a goal (Islanders insight) they (we) look to him.  We asked Dominik nine fantasy relevant questions about the Islanders and the NHL in general.  Follow the jump to read his answers...

by Dominik, Lighthouse Hockey

Q1) NYI Breakout of the Year?

I still think Jack Hillen is due to increase his production (note: since writing this Dominik told us he has doubts about this), but since I got burned on that last year (hey, he *did* take an Ovechkin one-timer to the teeth) I'll go with a more obvious one: Kyle Okposo. KO's not going to suffer through a 7.6% shooting percentage again like he did last year. If he shot even 10% last year he'd have had 25 goals. This year his linemates will be better, and so will his luck.

Q2) Darkhorse Breakout on the NYI?

Rob Schremp's 25 points look paltry for a once-touted Oilers 1st round pick. But he didn't get regular ice team until midseason, and he had 20 points in his final 26 games before a knee injury ended his season. But if you don't believe in Rob Schremp Hockey, at least get to know Frans Nielsen. I don't know how much Nielsen's production will increase without major powerplay time, but he's the most underrated Selke candidate you've never paid attention to. He faces the opposition's best each night and still ends up a plus player at the end of the season. I guess that's not very fantasy-friendly, but it's still really cool.

Matt_moulson Q3) Breakdown on the NYI?

I wouldn't call it a breakdown, because Matt Moulson's year was real and hardly Tavares-dependent, but 30 goals still might be his peak, so figure his numbers won't be as inspiring this year.

Q4) League-Wide Breakout of the Year?

Alex Frolov? He's a skilled guy who was used in funny ways in Los Angeles as his numbers declined. If the Rangers put him back in a featured role, such as with Gaborik, he's going to look more like the Frolov people expected a few years ago.

Q5) Who are your First Five Picks in a Fantasy Draft?

Crosby, Mike Green, Stamkos, Ovechkin & Backstrom

Q6) Best Value for Money Fantasy Goalie?

Marty Turco. That team, despite its depth losses, will play him a ton and will get him wins.

Q7) Taylor or Tyler?

Taylor now -- he's destined to get lots of PP minutes and choice opportunities on that team right away.

Q8) Your Stanley Cup Pick?

Oh, hell. Is it San Jose's turn yet?

Frankenface BONUS) Is there a weirder looking dude in the league than Matt Moulson?  (Jason Blake excluded)

Absolutely there is!  Before Dion Phrankeneuf came along to soak up inflated Canadian hype, archaeologists hadn't seen a cranium like that since a dig in the Neander Valley of France in the 1850s.

Big thanks to Dominik... you should all be checking out his stuff over at Lighthouse Hockey.

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