Yahoo! Fantasy Hockey Rankings: Make These Changes

Hawks_Speedskating We did a post similar to this last year and we heard from a bunch of readers that they found it very helpful, so let's see if we can help you again this year... 

This is for those of you that will be doing a fantasy hockey draft on Yahoo! in the coming weeks.  Yahoo has default pre-draft rankings that you can modify and we'd recommend that you do that based on what we advise below or in the heat of the moment you could end up with Mathieu Carle over Matt Carle or Mike Brodeur over Marty Brodeur or Sergei Kostitsyn over Andrei Kostitsyn (actually you don't want either of those clowns).

Yahoo! also gives you the option in their draft tool to sort on Average Draft Position, which is a great idea but the problem is that with so many drafts being done by auto-pick, the ADP is heavily biased toward the default pre-draft rankings, so it doesn't really help you that much.

We should mention that Yahoo! does a decent job with their rankings (nothing close to the ESPN debacle)... it seems like someone gave it the old college try but when you're dealing with a life-or-death fantasy hockey draft (at least to some of us) then you want the job done right... so that's where we come in.

These should be pretty self-explanatory but we'll add some comments, the number indicates the overall Yahoo! default ranking and when we refer to our ranking, we're talking about the rankings from our Fantasy Scouting Report (FSR) cheatsheets.

Guys Who Should be Higher (higher, as in closer to Ovechkin):

  • #7 Malkin - we think he's good for 100+ points... we'd take him #3 
  • #35 Lecavalier - most people expect a bounce-back, we bet he goes top 25 in most drafts 
  • #43 Perry - 80 pts, 100+ PIMs & 270+ shots... we'd take him late in the 1st round
  • #49 Rinne - ranked as 13th best goalie?  We say he's #6
  • #65 Chara - ranked as 10th best dman?  We say he's #4 
  • #66 Varlamov - risky but huge upside if he can hold onto Caps #1 job 
  • #71 Hossa - likely underrated due to injuries, he'll go much higher than this 
  • #78 Weber - ranked as 13th best dman?  We say he's #8 
  • #81 Hiller - ranked as 20th best goalie?  We say he's #12 
  • #86 Turco - averages might not be stellar but has potential for 40 wins 
  • #106 M.Koivu - could hit 75+ pts, consider him at least 50 spots earlier than this 
  • #113 Pavelski - currently listed as LW, that makes him even more valuable 
  • #122 T.Connolly - a big injury risk but when healthy he's close to a point-per-game 
  • #131 Niemi - likely done before he signed with SJ, shouldn't be 60 spots below Niittymaki 
  • #136 Giroux - we like him for big breakout this year
  • #146 Laich - underrated guy who just keeps overachieving 
  • #149 R.Bourque - did they confuse him with Chris Bourque or something? 
  • #152 Yandle - ranked as 33rd best dman?  We say he's #14 
  • #157 Downie - he could put up 50 pts & 200+ PIMs... nobody does that 
  • #164 Kubina - always underrated, he's had 35+ points in five of last six seasons 
  • #166 E.Karlsson - he gets our #1 ranking in the Breakout Bible
  • #178 Subban - ranked as 43rd best dman?  We say he's #13  
  • #179 Edler - WTF? 44th best dman?  We say he's #18 & has potential for 50 points 
  • #190 Oshie - our #1 ranked forward in the Breakout Bible 
  • #196 Zidlicky - he's had 40+ points in five of last six seasons 
  • #197 Elliott - we'd take him over Leclaire who's ranked at #117 
  • #204 Suter - averaged 38 points over the past three seasons 
  • #209 Kovalev - he could decide to take season off but always worth a flier pick 
  • #212 P.Sharp - don't wait this long for a guy who had 66 pts & 266 shots last year
  • #229 Boyes - we think the former 40 goal man will bounce-back 
  • #233 Pitkanen - fragile but he can help you in a bunch of categories 
  • #239 J.Neal - already close to 30 goals & should only get better 
  • #255 Benn - we think he has huge breakout potential 
  • #275 A.McDonald - he's the Blues #1C... that deserves more respect 
  • #283 Frolik - another one who could breakout 
  • #272 J.Bernier & #310 Markstrom - they may not get a chance but have huge upside
  • Beyond the top 35 goalies they seem to lump the rest of the goalies together... legit backups (and 1As) like this should not be below Montoya, Pitton, Keetley, etc... #293 Neuvirth, #332 H.Karlsson, #338 DiPietro, #339 C.Crawford, #352 C.Schneider, #357 Harding, #363 Giguere, #384 M.Smith, #414 Pavelec
  • #370 M.Michalek - brutal season last year but don't write him off 
  • #371 Matt Carle - the real Matt Carle, the one who had 35 points on the Flyers last year 
  • #382 Upshall - was on pace for 53 pts, 80 PIMs & 200 shots before getting hurt last year 
  • #429 Van Riemsdyk - not our favourite breakout candidate but he's a candidate 
  • #449 Gilbert - he's not great but will give you 30+ pts 
  • #488 Comrie - he's no shoe-in but could be playing with Crosby 
  • #516 Franson - has great breakout potential 
  • #541 J.Boychuk - some people like him more than we do 
  • #568 Kulikov - another dman with breakout potential 
  • #611 Bozak - should be the Leafs #1C this year 
  • #653 Hudler - obviously forgotten after season in KHL 
  • #692 Babchuk - this must be where they stick the guys who played in the KHL 
  • #915 M.Johansson - could be the Caps #2C 
  • #947 K.Beach - could land plum job in Hawks top 6 
  • #976 Paajarvi-Svensson - he's going to be a sexy pick... kid's gonna be a good one 
  • #977 Shattenkirk & #1058 Fowler - they might not make the NHL but don't ignore them 

Guys Who Should be Lower (lower, as in closer to Jeff Finger):

  • #5 H.Sedin - his inferior goals & shots (& position) should put him after brother Daniel (#9) 
  • #25 Spezza - seems high as he struggled last year without Heatley
  • #60 Plekanec - points the past five season: 29, 47, 69, 39, 70... we don't trust him
  • #73 Niittymaki - maybe before the Sharks signed Niemi
  • #77 Burrows - a little early considering he'll miss the first month or so due to injury
  • #79 Briere - we like him but this is early... he's not the same player he was in Buffalo
  • #87 Lehtonen - has great potential but averaged 42 games over the past five seasons
  • #97 Bogosian - is a future six-category stud but he's not a top 20 dman yet 
  • #110 A.Kostitsyn - this guy blows, take lower ranked Selanne, Pavelski or Laich instead
  • #115 Lucic - doesn't have the offensive upside to justify this ranking
  • #117 Leclaire - averaged 31 games over the past five seasons... take Elliott instead
  • #127 Souray - has upside but too many question marks to be ranked as 25th best dman
  • #135 Holmstrom - the always breakdownable Homer is waiver wire material 
  • #151 Mathieu Carle - this is the Habs prospect, they have him confused with the Flyers dman
  • #191 Huet - he's the #31 ranked goalie but will be #1 in terms of salary in the Swiss league
  • #207 E.Cole - do not draft him 
  • #210 Lupul - still not recovered from back injury that caused him to miss 59 games last year
  • #266 Guerin - he's no longer Sid's wingman & only on a try-out with Flyers
  • #270 Mike Brodeur - he's ranked as 36th best goalie, we say he might not even see a game

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