Blogger's Breakouts - Carolina Hurricanes

Car_logo_mediumToday our blogging team expert is Bob Wage from SBN's Canes Country.  Bob's our favourite thing to do with the Hurricanes since the days when Arturs Irbe was rocking the dirty pillows pads.

We asked Bob nine fantasy related questions about the Canes and the NHL in general.  Follow the jump to read his answers...

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By Bob Wage, Canes Country

Q1) Hurricanes Breakout of the Year?

Rookie Jeff Skinner has been a surprise and people around the league who have seen him are impressed.  I think he will just continue to get better.  It would not surprise me if he is the Hurricanes break out of the year.
Q2) Darkhorse Breakout on the Hurricanes?
Brandon Sutter broke out last year with a 20 goal effort.  Look for even more production from him this season.  He's known more for his defense than his offense, but he has much more skill than many think. 
Q3) Breakdown Player on the Hurricanes?
Erik Cole earns $3 million this season and has been a previous 20 goal scorer, but he has been injury prone and recently has not lived up to his previous production.  This is a pivotal (contract) year for him and many are expecting big things.  Still, it would not be a shock if he were to disappoint. 
Q4) League-Wide Breakout of the Year?
Nathan Horton could finally live up to early expectations and thrive in Boston.
Q5) Who are your First Five Picks in a Fantasy Draft?
Ovechkin, Crosby, Iginla, Lidstrom & Miller
Q6) Best Value for Money Fantasy Goalie?
I chose JS Giguere for almost all my teams and he was available late in most of the drafts.  Great value so far, from when he was available.  Best goalie for contract value is Jonathan Quick.
Q7) Taylor or Tyler?
Taylor, long term and short term.  Just like his game.
Q8) Your Stanley Cup Pick?

I'm going with the Los Angeles Kings.  

BONUS)  Jim Rutherford seems to be big on the reclamation projects lately grabbing other team's once highly touted prospects like O'Sullivan, Tlusty, Nash, Sanguinetti & Pogge.  How many of these projects do you see working out?

That's hard to say but here goes nothing:  

Patrick O`Sullivan is very good at his specialty, offense.  The question is, will he mix it up in the corners, fight for pucks when needed, and play defense?  I'm not sure he will be considered a success, but I can see him signing another year or two here if the price is right. (cheap)

Jiri Tlusty has been hurt much of his time in Carolina.  I haven't seen much to make me a believer yet, but considering he's been hurt, I'll reserve judgement.  

Riley Nash looks like a good prospect to me.  With some seasoning in the AHL, I could see him being a legitimate potential 3rd line center.

Bobby Sanguinetti is a great skater and again, I see potential.  Not sure he will ever be a star, but could see him cracking NHL lineup in a year or two.

Justin Pogge looks like a career AHL goalie to me, but honestly have only seen him play a few games. 

Thanks to Bob for his insight... we whole-heartedly recommend you take a trip down to Canes Country and check out what they got cooking. 

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