Breakout Tracker - October 2010

Biblenewlogo_medium As promised in the Breakout Bible, we're monitoring our breakout predictions and breakout players all year long... so here's the October edition of the Breakout Tracker for 2010.

Attached is a file which gives you our Top 50 Breakout Candidates from the Breakout Bible 2010 and tracks how our pre-season predictions have fared so far, and also how some of our peers (Dobber, THN, Forecaster and McKeen's) stack up. We base this on player stats thru Oct 31st and project a player's points over the full season and compare that to the predictions.

We strive to give you the best information and analysis we possibly can, so in the spreadsheet we've noted the picks as follows:

  • Good Picks (within 10% of a player's projected points) = Shaded Green

  • Decent Picks (between 10% & 20%) = Shaded White

  • Poor Picks (outside of 20%) = Shaded Red 

Remember that most fantasy hockey websites will consider being within 10 or 20 points as being a good prediction (that is if they even publish how their picks are doing) but we think you deserve better, so we raise the bar.  

We also provide you with a list of the top breakout players so far (thru Oct 31st). Our definition of a breakout player is a forward that breaks 50 points for the first time, a dman who breaks 30 points for the first time or a goalie who establishes themselves as a starting goalie for the first time.  

This is our third year tracking breakouts and our experience shows that hitting on about 33% of your breakout predictions is about as accurate as anyone can get.  Last year, 10 of our 32 predicted breakouts did in fact breakout and our 31.3% conversion rate was the tops amongst our four peers (who converted at 27.7% in aggregate).  So while extrapolating early results for a whole season is dangerous, for what it's worth it looks like our Bible predictions for this year are faring well as 16 of our 32 predicted breakouts are currently on pace to breakout.  We stuck our neck out on picks like T.J. Oshie, Jamie Benn & Steve Downie and those guys are making us look wicked smart whereas guys like Semyon Varlamov, Michael Frolik & Blake Wheeler are making us look like fools... but it's a long season.

Get the Breakout Tracker spreadsheet for free right here...  Breakout Tracker_Oct10

For much more analysis on all our breakout players, you can still purchase our Breakout Bible 2010 for $6 by following this link

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