FHS Beta League Shooting % by team

Just posted this on our team page after noticing my team had a league low 6.4 shooting percentage (but still tied for first overall). Thought it might of interest here...

our league


Bear with me, as this is borderline OCD ridiculous - and I've been drinking.


So I'm checking out the H2H stats the other day and notice that I'm second to last in goals but also, second in shots and I said to myself, uh... Erik that's odd. So I broke out my calculator (and really, I'm not good at math and did I mention I've been drinking?) and did a quick check on my teams shooting %. As it turns out my team has 31 goals on 483 shots 31/483 = .064 or 6.4% which seemed low, as in last in the league low. Then I checked out the leaders for goals and saw they were at ~ 11 or 12%. And I was all like WTF, so I figured I'd do the math on everyones team (and this where the OCD comes in) and take an early snapshot and see how this may or may not change over the season. We're 5 weeks in out of 25 so I'll try to do this every 5 weeks to check for regressions (or at least again at the half way point and end of the season). With all the variables in player movement and roster changes it could be utterly irrelevant, but then again maybe not. Without further ado, your shooting %'s as of week 5 in order of most goals.



  1. Corsi is 9/10ths Law 54/468 - 11.5%
  2. Maine Black Bears 54/448 - 12.1%
  3. EverydayI'mByfuglien 52/420 - 12.4%
  4. CHR'sSauce Monkeys 52/439 - 11.8 %
  5. Fear Boners 50/448 - 11.2%
  6. LesterCousinsCrew 46/439 - 10.5%
  7. Territorial Pissings 41/502 - 8.1%
  8. BeerCansOnIce 40/409 - 9.8%
  9. @Rabid Jack 38/338 - 11.2%
  10. BlundellSt.Bullies 35/463 - 7.6 %
  11. BettmansCapadesOnIce 31/483 6.4% !
  12. Pretty In Phink 27/399 - 6.8%
The League average BTW is 9.95%. (anyone know what the real league avg. is?) (edit: last year it was 8.99 league wide) If my team for example, had shot at our league avg. I think I'd have 17 more goals to lead the league with 48. Corsi would lose 9 for 45 goals if they shot league avg. The shooting % leader Byfuglien would be down 12 to 40.



Definitely curious to se if this has any predictive value, and if my team can regress to at least an average shooting %. It would be a monster as it's been kind of a smoke and mirror job with goaltending, shots, hits and blocks. Surely my team can't continue to shoot this badly, right? Good luck the rest of the way folks, Uh... Erik. (...and, the afternoon is effectively killed - time for Hockey)

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