Predictions for the real season

Something can be said for the first 20 games of a season..... it is like the hockey universe is out of whack. When Phil " i won a car for being the last all star selected" Kessel is leading the league in scoring you know something isnt right .. here are some of the things i think will happen for the remainder of the season.


Crosby- he is back and with avengence, ok ok it was only game but comeon if he keeps this up he wil break gretzkys point record for a season- In all seriousness i think he will stay healthy and finish top ten in league scoring coming in around 100 points in 60 games

Luongo- He will soon go on a tear , have his numbers fall back into line and challange for the vezina trophy, he will follow that up by having a terrible postseason and the Canucks will get eliminated in the conference semi finals


Stewart- Where the heck did this guy go.... he is killing me in not one but two pools. I think he will come back from suspension and look at it as a fresh start- Along with Berglund i think they will come in at around a point a game to finish the season which puts them around 65-70 at the end of the year

Islanders- will continue to suck... and suck bad but i think Tavares will get going. It bugs me (probably cause i have him in my pool) that montoya plays so well for them yet they played Nabakov despite his losing .

Kessel/ Lupul- Hard to argue with the start they have had, but unless you are a die hard leaf fan there is no sense to them continuing thier pace, i do think TO will have a bad 10-15 game stretch coming up and i think that kessell will finish somewhere between 15-25 in league scoring and lupul 30-40 , although at the beginning of the year there is no way i would have predicted them that high so they have surpassed my expectations.

Ottawa/ Edmonton- Although both seem to be playing well i see them dropping to the bottom 10 in the league by years end, they dont have the depth to keep it up

RNH- watch for him to slow down as a grind of an nhl season tends to wear rookies down, i see 60 points at years end

Ovechkin- Really? where art though------ I cant see him not hitting at least 90 points at seasons end..... count on it

Presidents trophy- this could be my 'best bet" prediction of them all- Pittsburgh Penguins, with a healthy Crosby i just cant see how Pitt does not finish with the best record in the league, thier coach blysma seems to get the most oout of this team no matter who he has and obviously A healthy crosby with malkin can only mean better results

Thats all for now



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