Blogger's Breakouts 2011 - St. Louis Blues

Today we get to chat about all things St. Louis Blues.  We asked Brad Lee from the always entertaining St. Louis Game Time seven fantasy questions related to the Blues. Check out his answers below.

Make sure to pay STLGT a visit.  Any hockey site that can work this video into their daily links is tops in our books. They (like many of our blogging friends) are putting together a fantasy league of their own.  Check it out if you want to join a league with some Blues fans.

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Q1) Blues Breakout of the Year?
The day before Halloween is called Devil's Night. That's also Chris Stewart's 24th birthday. He's finally in a position to put his potential together to haunt the Western Conference this season. In 26 games in St. Louis after the trade from Colorado, Stewart scored 15 goals and had eight assists. He showed a shiftiness with the puck that you don't see from many guys his size. He's a powerful skater, he plays in the dangerous areas in front of the goal and he's strong like bull. Don't look away when the Blues' top line takes the ice and he's out there. A good season would be 40 goals. A great season would be above 50.

Q2) Darkhorse Breakout on the Blues?
It doesn't get much darker than David Perron. When he was knocked silly by Joe Thornton last year the first week of November (Thornton literally appeared out of mid-air by stepping out of the penalty box and into Perron), the French-Canadian was on a point-per-game pace. He was clicking with T.J. Oshie and the Blues were the toast of the NHL, atop many a power poll early in the year. And Perron hasn't played since. In fact, he still hasn't started exercising without feeling post-concussion symptoms. If he somehow gets his brain fixed and comes back, he could be a great player. Or ruined.

Q3) League-Wide Breakout of the Year?
David Rundblad, defenseman for Ottawa. First, Ottawa has to play him. And second, Blues fans will be climbing the Arch if he plays well because he was traded for Vladimir Tarasenko...who has chosen to play another season in the KHL. For his father. For good money. This will end well.

Q4) Player likely to Breakdown on the Blues?
One day in July the Blues signed Jamie Langenbrunner and Jason Arnott. Both are closer to 40 than 30. Both are supposed to be good dressing room guys. Both got pretty good money to come for St. Louis. Both may not have a lot left.

Q5) Best Fantasy Prospect on the Blues?
Does Kevin Shattenkirk count? He's got just one year under his belt, but what a year it was. The defenseman scored nine goals and 34 assists as a true rookie. He doesn't turn 23 until January. He's going to get time on the No. 1 power play unit, top pairing minutes and every opportunity to put points on the ledger.

Q6) How do you see the Blues goalie situation playing out this year?
Jaroslav Halak showed why Montreal traded him last year and why Habs fans hated to see him go. One night, he looked like a world beater, another, an average goaltender. He doesn't have a ton of track record and his best games were in the playoffs with Montreal, something he missed out on in St. Louis last year. His competition (giant Ben Bishop and Brian Elliott who has a two-way contract) are young but one of them will stick in St. Louis, the other in Peoria. Neither are real competition for Halak.

Q7) The Blues were a surprising 10th in the league in goals scored last year... was it a fluke?
One of the games was a fluke. That one game was a 10-3 drubbing of the Red Wings in Detroit late in the season. Even Cam Jannsen scored. It was glorious. Otherwise, the Blues got a career year from Matt D`Agostini and somehow Patrik Berglund's decaf pregame coffee was secretly switched with super-charged latte or something because that guy played possessed at the end of the year. Oshie missed time with a broken leg and one game for missing practice because he overslept at a slumber party. Allegedly. The Blues had to put guys not used to trying to score in those roles last year. A few guys answered the bell, others, not so much. So, if the Blues enjoy any kind of improved health this year, they should surpass their output from last year. That or I'll increase my Jack Daniels input from last year.

Thanks to Brad.  If you have any St. Louis quandaries throw them in the comments and we (or possibly Brad) will give them a shot.

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