Saturday card

Battle for top spot in the East

Ny Rangers at Boston

Early game here 10 am pacific. This could be a preview of the east final. Boston has slowed down from terrorizing the league now they are just winning twice as much as losing. Ny has be scary consistent this year

If i was to bet anything here i would bet the under (4.5 might stay away from 5.5 definately)

Thomas vs Lundquist would be my thinking, so a battle of the two best goalies in the league right now. should be a lower scoring game in the first place , add that it is a morning game and they tend to be lower scoring id think it will be a 2-1 game.

I think Boston wins this just to say to the Rangers.... hey you still need to come through us to get to the SCF

The "who cares but the fans and cbc" game of the week.

Montreal at Toronto-

This game honestly has boring written all over it to me yet it will definately be the most watched game of the weekend. Toronto is hanging on to a thread to get into the playoffs , face Boston and be eliminated in 4 straight but i still think Montreal comes out and wins this game. Look for Price to rebound from a few sluggish starts

Montreal 3 , Toronto 2

The "Why the Hell would CBC let Sportsnet show this game" of the week

Vancouver hosting SJ

should be a great game as 2 of the four battleing for top spot in the west meet head to head. Vancouver matches up nicely with SJ but word is Luo is in for this game, that fact, plus a 1 oclock start(luo isnt an early afternoon goalie) and the fact Vancouver hasnt been playing as good as they can leads me to think SJ wins this 4-3

Ottawa Anaheim

Ottawa is rolling 11 straight road games iwth a point, Anderson is looking Elite again and Karlsson could be one of the best on the planet right now.

Still, Anaheim is starting to get it together , and this is a bad spot for them i think anaheim wins 3-1

Phili NJ

I think this is the game where Bryz takes back the net for good in PHiliy , Bob lost to the Islanders and that wont help him any, NJ is a team that you dont know what your gonna get on any given night let alone period, i think Phili wins this going away 4-1

Carolina at NYI

two teams that have played better of late, the only thing i care about is if JT continues his path to greatness.

Lets say NYI a4-3 in a SO

Destruction of the day

Columbus at Detroit- nuff said, pick a score- 5-1 sounds good

Breaking down the rest

Stlouis beats buf

Nashville cools off Chicogo

Dallas beats a spiraling minni

Tampa Phoenix- lets flip a coin... heads... tampa it is

Calgary edmonton- see montreal to comments, but Calgary wins Edm is onits way to another 1-2 pick

LA beats colorado

Enjoy the weekend.....

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