Pull the Trigger?

I am creating this post for two reasons

1) I wanted to post this video so Pull the Trigger? has some relevance

2) I recently let it be known in our 16 team keeper league, that I would be open to trading any one of my goalies in return for an elite forward or defenseman, by Feb 1

Goaltenders Age Status


Craig Anderson (Ott - G) Player notes 30 UFA 2015-16

25 2.90

.910 1

Cory Schneider (Van - G) No new player Notes 25 RFA 2012-13

10 2.30

.927 2

Tuukka Rask (Bos - G) Player notes 24 RFA 2012-13

11 1.82

.938 3

James Reimer (Tor - G) No new player Notes 23 RFA 2014-15

7 3.01

.899 1

Josh Harding (Min - G) No new player Notes 27 UFA 2012-13

9 2.42

.925 1

So I received an interesting offer David Backes for Tuukka Rask

For those of you unfamiliar with my current roster I have only Ryan Malone (sometimes) and Brandon Dubinsky (recent acquisition) for the physical aspects of our scoring system PIM's and Hits those are also the categories which I am most lacking in the standings.

I have also lost the services of my most physical defenseman Dmitry Kulikov for at least 6 weeks.

The additions of Dubie and the two Blackhawks rookies Jimmy Hayes and Andrew Shaw have moved me up slightly in the Hits category, from 14th to 11th even with Malone and Dubinsky both missing some time

David Backes does much to help in those areas and could provide a real push toward the top only if he he keeps up his current level of production across the board which seems unlikely in the PIM's as nearly half of them (35) came in 2 games the only majors he has had this season.

I have two issues

1) weighing the 3 year value of Rask vs Backes

David Backes, while somewhat of an Ironman so far in his career (see what I did there), will be 28 this spring and given his style of play I can see a Malone, Morrow type scenario where the wear on the body begins to keep him out of the lineup, one reason I didn't target any physical players in the draft, I believe they are over valued due to the increased risk resulting from the punishment they take throughout the season.

2) Adding a sixth player from a low scoring Blues team

Currently I deploy in order of my future projected value

1) David Perron 2) T.J. Oshie 3) Patrik Berglund 4) Matt D'Agostini 5) Carlo Colaiacovo

in a three season projection (2012-13 thru 2014-15) I would place Backes, at age 31, value behind Perron, Oshie and Berglund though I have questions on Berglund and if he doesn't pick up his game he may not make my keepers list (12 players) at seasons end. Cola and Dags won't be on it.

So do I Pull the Trigger?

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