Fantasy Top 10 - Goalie Gambles

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Ahhhh goalies. They can win you a fantasy title (thank you very much Jonathan Quick) or lose it for you (Corey Crawford, we’re looking in your direction). These are not the best ten fantasy goalies … but ten goalies who are currently backups (or #1A) but with a little luck they could end up making a nice low risk / high reward pick.

1) Anders Lindback
He has some pretty impressive NHL numbers the last two year’s as Rinne’s backup but TB’s defense doesn’t have guys like Weber and Suter last we checked. He should win the #1 job and put up a decent season but there is a chance of implosion here.

2) Brian Elliott
He picked up shutouts in more than 25% of his starts and was named an All-Star last season... so what does that get him? Apparently less playing time as the Blues are saying they want to go with Halak more often. So you’ll get a very solid guy who plays around 30 games or, if Halak really struggles or gets injured, one of the better fantasy tenders in the league.

3) Braden Holtby
He’s been phenomenal in the NHL so far, no doubt about it. But he’s still largely untested and his AHL numbers are worse than his NHL ones. His impressive playoff run should get him a long leash but with the capable Neuvirth hanging around, Holtby better live up to the hype pretty quick.

4) Devan Dubnyk
Dubnyk played in just more than half of the Oilers games last year but with the 39 year old Khabibulin as the backup we expect DD to play more like 55 this year. The Oilers should be much better and if they can take a big step forward, Dubnyk becomes a very useful goalie. On the other hand, they were supposed to take a step forward last year and still finished second last in the league.

5) Michal Neuvirth
We’re thinking Neuvirth should be pretty cheap with all the Holtby hype and with a young and inexperienced guy in front of him he could sneak his way into the #1 job. Remember he was a pretty hot prospect a year or two ago.

6) Jacob Markstrom
With Theodore and Clemmensen (and maybe even Luongo) around Markstrom’s value is pretty limited for this year. An injury to either could move the timeline for Markstrom up a year. Next year he’s at the top of this list.

7) Tomas Vokoun
Fleury has never been particularly consistent and he’s never had a backup as capable as Vokoun is. Maybe he has a few games like he did against the Flyers in the playoffs and Vokoun starts out hot? Stranger things have happened.

8) Jonathan Bernier
LA is a defensive powerhouse so Bernier should put up solid numbers on a limited basis. However, his real value is the fact he could be traded at any minute. Assuming he goes to a desirable destination and lives up to his promise he could be an average fantasy goalie this season. Considering what he’ll cost you that might be worth the risk.

9) James Reimer
Reimer was actually pretty good until he got knocked on the head last year. Maybe he just needed an off-season to sort things out? The Leafs have been looking for a new tender so he could lose a lot of PT at any moment but if he starts out of the gate quickly they will stick with him.

10) Sergei Bobrovsky
Columbus’ blueline isn’t as bad as Steve Mason made it look. Bobs is no sure thing but he should be a big improvement on Mason and could put up some okay numbers. Hell, Allen York posted a 2.30 gaa and .920 sv% last season.

Any other goalies out there that you think might be worth the risk? Add them in the comments.

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