FHS Awards Show - Best Breakout Goalie

Mike Smith... Brian Elliott... Mike Smith... Brian Elliott. Decisions, decisions.

Welcome to the third annual FHS Awards Show where we deliver the hardware to those deserving players who helped you to fantasy glory. We polled the FHS writers to get a consensus opinion but we've also included a poll to give you a chance to tell us we're idiots.

Today we look at the six goalies who broke out. When we talk breakout we're looking for the goalie who took the biggest step forward to help his fantasy owners.

Yesterday we gave out the award for the biggest power forward breakout.

And the nominees are....

Brian Elliott, G Blues
Projected: 2 wins, 2.64 gaa & a 0.897 sv%.
Actual: 23 wins, 1.56 gaa & a 0.94 sv%.

It's really been a dream season for Elliott and his owners. Other than the fact he only played 38 games, you really can't ask for more (1st in gaa, 1st in sv%, 2nd in SO).

Jean-Sebastien Giguere G Avalanche
Projected: 5 wins, 3.10 gaa & a 0.902 sv%.
Actual: 15 wins, 2.27 gaa & a 0.919 sv%.

He hadn't had a good season since 2007-08 and at 34 years old you wouldn't be faulted for thinking he was toast (we did). But Giggy surprised with the Avs and put together a pretty decent season as the team's backup.


Evgeni Nabokov G Islanders
Projected: 7 wins, 2.88 gaa & a 0.910 sv%.
Actual: 19 wins, 2.55 gaa & a 0.914 sv%.

36 year old goalies playing for the Isles are not good fantasy targets. Even though he didn't want to be on the Island he somehow stuck around all year and put up a strong fantasy season.

Jonathan Quick G Kings
Projected: 30 wins, 2.45 gaa & a 0.913 sv%.
Actual: 35 wins, 1.95 gaa & a 0.929 sv%.

I keep expecting Quick to breakdown and Bernier to take over the number one job. I'm done with that thinking as Quick put up a season for the ages. He lead the league in shutouts.

Pekka Rinne G Predators
Projected: 33 wins, 2.18 gaa & a 0.929 sv%.
Actual: 43 wins, 2.39 gaa & a 0.923 sv%.

Love the increase in wins but his averages took a bit of a dip. Still any goalie that leads the league in wins deserves some attention here.

Mike Smith G Coyotes
Projected: 29 wins, 3.01 gaa & a 0.908 sv%
Actual: 38 wins, 2.21 gaa & a 0.930 sv%.

If you didn't believe in Dave Tippett before, you should now. He turned Smith from a bad backup goalie to one of the best fantasy tenders in the league.

And the winner is....

1st - Brian Elliott - 13 points
2nd - Mike Smith - 12
3rd - Evgeni Nabokov - 3
4th - Jean-Sebastien Giguere - 1
4th - Jonathan Quick - 1
6th - Pekka Rinne - 0

(3 points for a 1st place vote, 2 for 2nd, 1 for 3rd)

Agree? Disagree? Have your say in the poll or comments.

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