NEW: FHS Ultimate Dynasty League

LOS ANGELES, CA - JUNE 25: A view of the draft boards during the 2010 NHL Entry Draft at Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images). New York teams? Ouch.

Alright Puckheads, think you can do a better job than your team's GM in drafting and managing a real NHL hockey team? The new FHS Ultimate Dynasty League will enable you to put your skills to the test and find out!

The idea for this league was hatched OT on our Trade Deadline thread. You have to scroll down about halfway to see the exchange discussing key features to make a dynasty league "The Ultimate."

Cam, Jay, Suites, Mike and I are all IN as are a few loyal readers, but about 1/2 the teams are still available. For more information on the league, including how to join, read on after the jump.

Format: Dynasty with Salary Cap
Teams: 20
Rosters: 33 (23 active, 10 farm)
Starters: 4LW, 4C, 4RW, 6D, and 2G + 3 Bench
Matchups: Weekly: Monday-Sunday
Scoring: H2H - Each Category
Categories: Skaters (G, A, Pts, PIMs, Hits, Blks, FO%, SOG, DEF, and STG). Goaltenders (Wins, SO, GAA, Save%)
Playoffs: 12 teams (4 Byes for division winners + 8)
Player Acquisition System: FAAB - Free Agent Auction Bidding
Draft: Inaugural Entry, Free Agent Auction, and Annual Prospect Drafts

Contract Structure: You will be able to develop prospects in your farm system and then promote them to your active roster by signing them to low cost 2-year ELCs. When an ELC expires, the player may be released or signed as RFA (for 2 or 3 years), however, other teams will have an opportunity to submit "offer sheets" in an effort to lure them away from you. You will then have the opportunity to "match" the highest offer OR release the player and receive compensation. Once a player's RFA contract expires, he is an UFA and may be signed by the highest bidder (for 1 to 4 years).

Salary Cap: All players on your 23-man roster count towards the Cap. Your farm system players do not count against the cap. You may not make a transaction that would violate the Cap.

Trading: Trading will open as soon as the Inaugural Draft and Prospect Drafts are completed and all rosters (including contracts) are posted. There will be a trade deadline. Trading salary is not permitted. All trades will be reviewed and voted on by the league at large with an opportunity to appeal to the Commish for final decision.

Draft Pick Trading: Picks from the Inaugural Draft and 2012 Prospect Draft may not be traded. Owners may not trade draft picks for drafts two, three, four, etc. years in the future. The only draft picks available for trade are those from the current (if during our summer draft) or next draft.

The idea behind this league is to make it as realistic as possible. "If it's in the game, it's in the game." Thus, the 23-man rosters, contract structures, salary cap, etc.

We would like to start drafting soon -- after the dust from the Free Agent Frenzy settles.
If you are interested in joining, post below along with your e-mail address OR contact me directly at

Please include any other information you believe would be helpful: # of years playing fantasy hockey, your hometown/favorite team/favorite player, your favorite aspect of fantasy hockey, etc.

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