Would Like Some Fantasy Hockey Advice/Opinions!!!

Hey everybody, how's it going?

Before I get into any advice I am asking for, I would like to explain my situation. A few weeks ago, a friend of mine invited me into a fantasy basketball league to take the place of somebody who had given up on his team & stopped updating due to a losing record. I've never played fantasy anything before although I am very knowledgeable when it comes to sports (especially basketball). Now, after a few weeks & a blockbuster trade, I've led my team from 13 games below .500 (in a 12-man, 9 category ESPN league) to 7 games above .500. The rest of the players in my league have been playing fantasy baseball, basketball, and football together for years. Point being is I have grasped on to basketball by my sheer knowledge of the game and players of the NBA.
My league decided to try hockey for a change so half of my league doesn't know a thing about hockey. Crazy story - 12, count them 12! goalies were taken in the first 3 rounds of our draft (12-man league) - I drafted none because I hoped I would be able to trade for one after the draft (and I was right). Ok, back on track, although I have much knowledge about hockey (I was able to go the first 18 rounds with knowing many of the players), but like basketball, I've never played fantasy hockey before so I do not know what to expect or how to draft per say. I am playing a 12-man H2H Scoring Format league. The categories are = goals (3 pts), assists (2), PIM (0.3), SHG (2), SHA (1), & PPP (1) on the ice. For Goalies, it goes wins (5), GA (-1), saves (0.2), & SO (3). Some players in the league think it is goalie scoring heavy (hence the 12 goalies drafted in the first 36 overall picks). First question: Is it goalie scoring heavy? If so, how much?

Next, I am going to list my roster because to me, it looks like a high caliber roster, but I would like to hear what others have to say about it so I can get a better understanding where I'm at:
F Malkin (4th overall - I was personally stunned he fell to me)
F H Sedin (21st - also surprised he fell to me)
F J Toews (28th - too much value to pass him up although I had 2 top-notch forwards)
Now by my next pick - 13 goalies have been selected...
D Weber (45)
F Datsyuk (52)
F Patrick Kane (69)
D Del Zotto (76)
F Kronwall (93)
F Evander Kane (100)
F Bobby Ryan (117)
G Brian Elliott (124)
D Carle (141)
G Pavalec (148)
F Marchand (165)
F Couturier (172 - Go Flyers!)
F Filppula (189)
F Tanguay (196)
G Bobrovsky (213)
D Meszaros (220)
F S Gagne (237 - 19th round, figured I would take a chance on him - I mean if he starts hot like last season, he's always trade bait)
F Turris (244)
D Stralman (261)

So after the draft & after waivers, I dropped Stralman & picked up D Luke Schenn from the Flyers. Note: although I am a Flyers fan, I didn't just take him because I found out he was free. I took him because he was a former top-5 draft selection in I believe 2008, but has yet to live up to the hype. New start may = new results.
Moving on, after the draft, the one owner made a massive mistake. He drafted 3 goalies in the first 4 rounds because he thought you could play 3 G's at once (funny part is he set up the rules....). Now, normally that would not be such a big deal, but unfortunately for him he selected both Schneider & Luongo (along with Fleury). He knows next to nothing about hockey or fantasy hockey but nonetheless, it is very likely he has the worst team coming out of the draft so he has a tough hill to climb.
Now, I bring this up because I made a pretty big trade with him. He traded me G Luongo and D Justin Schultz for my G Pavalec & D Matt Carle. Now, with his awful situation and desperation to trade Luongo, I felt I would be able to make this deal work. If Luongo gets traded (I'm hoping to Chicago), I feel like this is the trade that can make me the team to beat in my league (right now, I feel like I'm the second best team and no less than a top-4 team).

Two Q's I hope you'll answer:
What is your opinion about the team that I drafted?(for example, what categories would I be great in? what categories might I be lacking in? Can I fix any problems via waivers, or do I need to make some sort of trade, and how is my goalie situation now with Luongo?)
And what is your opinion about the trade I made? Good for me or bad for me?

Thank you for taking the time to read my post & replying!

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