Saturday Day Live - Opening Night!

Hockey is Back... Prediction Time

Chicago at LA

Great matchup day 1 , Defending Stanley Cup Champions vs Toews, Kane et al

Quick is primed for a Vezina Trophy season and it looks like he may start here... however my pick is Chicago -Hossa is back and healthy and I think Keith has a monster season this year... No Kopitar for the Kings hurts

Chicago in a close one 3-2

Ottawa at Winnipeg

Are the Senators for real?... Glad to see Lehner stick and I know jsuites is too... Winnipeg will have a packed house and as evidence of a monster trade I made last night I think EKane is primed to have a huge year... Still this could be Alfie's swansong and with some guy named Karlsson, I think the PP wins it for Ottawa... add an empty netter...

Ottawa wins 4-2

Pittsburgh at Philadelphia

The NHL got it right here, after a wild playoff last year, what a great opening day game. Malkin has been on a tear in the KHL so he is in game shape... Crosby looks good to go as does Letang.. Philly is a good team but will only go as far as Bryz can take them, which in my opinion ain't far at all... this should be one of the higher scoring games today and I believe Malkin last year had more points on Saturday than anyone else in the league.

Pitt takes this 5-3 look for three point efforts from Malkin, Crosby and Letang

Washington at TB

So do the Caps improve under Oates?... my answer is heck yeah... Ovie has gone on record as saying he has stopped partying and is in the best shape of his life, Green is back and healthy and Riberio should help with the PP... Backstrom will rebound as well... TB added a goalie but one that has been playing in a defensive system with limited experience... but Holtby is unproven as well... I see this being a tight game

Caps wins 4-3

NYR at Boston

Man some good matchups today... my Big question is how does Rask do with no safety net there?... I'm not sold... but hey I may have my Bruin goggles on... The Rangers adding Nash is huge , not only cause its Nash but he should also help Richards improve on last year... that is one scary PP... Bruins have been slow starters in recent years and I see this being a close game... with Lundy in there I can't see Boston scoring much

Rangers win 2-1, maybe three with an EN

Toronto at Montreal

Ho hum... a game of two irrelevant teams this season, which of course will be the most talked about game of the night. Reimer and Scrivens sounds like an AHL tandem and Kessel and Lupul will not produce at the same rate as last year... Bozak is the #1 center... rinse repeat... Montreal actually looks like a team finally heading down the right path although no Subban will hurt, I have to go with my gut here no matter how it pains me... being that the Leafs will give their fans hopes of a 48-0 season , although I do hope Gally lights it up , Montreal's offense wont punish Reimer enough

Toronto 3-2


Those who know me know my love for JT... it is freakishly similar to a certain someone's love for Skinner and more recently Ritchie... In a short season, I think if Nabby can give them solid goaltending from the start, the Isles may be fighting for a playoff spot... NJ is in dissarray right now, Kovy showed up late, Parise is gone, Zajac may be too busy counting his money and Broduer may have just woke up from the offseason

Take the NYI to win 4-2

Carolina at Florida

Florida will not repeat, I wouldn't be surprised to see Carolina and or Washington up in the standings in the East... remember they get to play mostly divisional games and I can't see four teams from one division making the postseason with so many interdivisional games, not going to happen... Staal brothers will be flying and goaltending wins.

Carolina wins and Ward gets the first shutout of the season 2-0

Columbus at Nashville

This game sucks... seriously... Rinne should be the second shutout of the night.

Lets call it 1-0

Phoenix at Dallas

Ok so if Benn was signed and playing I would jump all over Dallas as I think with Benn in the lineup they may surprise... Phoenix is, well, Phoenix so because of that this will be a one goal game or two with an ENG... Dallas with Roy, Jagr, Whitney and Goligoski should score a goal or two on the PP to win it.

Dallas 2-1

Detroit at St.Louis

St.Louis is a good team, well rounded, great system and a pretty balanced attack... Detroit without Lidstrom doesn't seem right... I am going to hijack this breakdown to pray to the hockey gods... Please let Chris Stewart rediscover his form, I hope him and Hitch become the best of friends... don't let him take the edge out of his game as I still need PIMS... moreso match last years totals in 34 less games 15-15 with 100 pims works for me

StL wns 3-1

Colorado at Minnesota

I think this might be a great game to watch... The up and coming Avs vs the much improved Wild... Watch out for Granlund as I think he may surprise... Rookies are hard to gauge as they sometimes take a season... Colorado with Duchene and Landy have a bright future but give the edge to the home team

Minnesota 4-3

Anaheim at Vancouver

My beloved Canucks... I am not impressed with the secondary scoring at the moment... just trade Lu already... this is a tough game to call as i think Anaheim has a lot to prove as Perry (the other big piece to my trade yesterday) and Getz are playing for contracts... If the Sedin's come out flying then the Canucks will win but if Anaheim keeps them in check, it is over

Anaheim wins this 2-1

Hope everyone has a great day watching hockey... feel free to comment

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