Crosby to Return Thursday

So get him in your lineup... recall that when he returned in November he had 2+2=4, plus-3 & eight shots in his season debut against New York. Sadly, it's the Rangers this Thursday and not the Islanders.

Radulov Returning?

Not sure if people saw this from yesterday... apparently he could return without being subject to waivers.

FHS On Facebook

Hey everyone, so we finally got around to creating a Facebook home for FHS. If you are so inclined, please visit the page and "like" us. We appreciate your support!

FHS Acquires Zach Boslett

Join me in welcoming Zach Boslett into the FHS fold. Zach is currently finishing up his Journalism degree at Point Park University and has been writing for the Penguins website Faceoff-Factor for the past two years... so he'll be ratcheting up the professionalism around here! Zach is a fantasy junkie and loves him some prospects, so that's what he'll likely be writing about. Seeing as I apparently lied to you about writing some more articles on fantasy prospects this season, I think Zach will be a valuable addition to the team. Welcome aboard Zach!

Crosby to miss pair

Just a "precaution"... from the same team that said he'd just miss a week last year with a "minor concussion".

Updated Crease Conflicts

Once again, our very own The Talented Mr. Benedicks has updated the goalie situations for all 29 NHL teams (plus the Islanders)... go ahead and have a look (link above or here). St.Louis is still the biggest conflict and I don't have a strong feeling which way this one will fall. Have to agree with Mike that Buffalo is likely cooling off since Miller returned. I wish Neuvirth had his stuff together as he could make an impression on a new coach. Also keeping an eye on the situation in Philly as that's getting a little spicier.

free fun nhl game

We are a Sim league at the end of our first draft. UFAs and season 2 to start soon. Dallas and Anahiem are currently open with more teams to be made avalible soon. Check it out lots of NHL fun!

"Filly don't do rebounds"

This is one of the funniest things I've seen in a while.

Updated Crease Conflicts

Thanks to Mr. Benedicks for updating all 30 goalie situations yesterday... you'll want to take a look to stay ahead of these flip-flopping. St.Louis is the hot one right now as both goalies are looking good under Hitch and Buffalo is getting infinitely more interesting due to Miller's injury and Enroth's unbeatability. Shame that the #2s in Columbus & Minnesota are banged up cause there would be a nice opportunity there. Interesting... Quick seems very safe in LA as he lost four straight but was still given the start after a Bernier win. Also, didn't realize that Cory Schneider has only started one of the last eight.

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