Fantasy Gold; Unsung Sleepers?


A look at all 30 teams, and which player can help you in this shortened 2013 fantasy season.

All 2012/13 Scouting Reports Available!


The Fantasy Hockey Scouts 2012/13 Scouting Reports (draft kit) is available and ready for purchase

New FHS Logo & More Upgrades Coming


New FHS logo and more upgrades coming

NEW: FHS Ultimate Dynasty League


Alright Puckheads, think you can do a better job than your team's GM in drafting and managing a real NHL hockey team? The new FHS Ultimate Dynasty League will enable you to put your skills to the...

World Championship: What We Learned, Part 3


The overdue finale (better late than never, right?) of our observations from the 2012 World Championship. For this last group I'll look at the players that caught my eye or impressed me in some...

World Championship: What We Learned, Part 2


Part 2 (of 3) of our observations from the 2012 World Championship. For the second group I'll look at some of the guys that either disappointed or I think are overrated. Mikael Granlund, LW, FIN -...

World Championship: What We Learned, Part 1


Just getting around to posting some observations from the 2012 World Championship that wrapped up this past weekend. I've broken the players into three groups, the first group today are those that...

SB Nation on Your YouTube


If you haven't seen it already, SB Nation has a channel on YouTube, which people who know tell me is the future of television. There are all kinds of shows and features that touch on topics from...

Potential Fantasy Playoff Saviours


Had a few people mention recently that they're trying to prepare for their fantasy playoffs (starting in the next few weeks) and want to out-smart the rest of their league by stashing a few key...

2nd Half Stars & Stinkers


This is typically one of our more popular posts (see last year's) as we get a lot of people asking us about guys that typically go north or south during the 2nd half of the season... 2nd Half...


Fantasy Heroes - Henrique, Lupul, Moulson, Versteeg, Seguin...


A few days ago we looked at the players who have been killing fantasy teams so it's only fair we look at the players who have saved them. A lot of these players' performances were completely...

Fantasy Killers - Ovechkin, Getzlaf, Stewart, Visnovsky...


If I can't win my league, my next favourite pastime is coming up with excuses explaining why I didn't. If you're at all like me this post might give you some good ammo to hang onto the last shreds...

ESPN vs. Yahoo! - Ownership Percentages


The idea for this post began when I started reading Dio's Free Agent and Trade Target Posts this year. He uses ESPN ownership percentages and I'm an owner in Yahoo! leagues. The numbers of the...

The SB Nation iPhone app, updated with awesome commenting and more


The SB Nation iPhone app v1.1 is now available in the App Store!  SB Nation listened to your feedback and suggestions and heard you loud and clear.   Now, in addition to helping you stay on top of...

Early Season Surprises - Neal, Adam, Michalek, Bergeron...


Here a few players that have surprised us in the early going.  If there is anybody you think should be added to the list throw them in the comments with why they've surprised you. John Tavares, NYI...

Training Camp Heroes


Alright, so while we've been talking for the last few weeks about this guy getting cut and how this other guy won't make it, we're getting down to the nitty-gritty and now we turn the spotlight on...

Yahoo! Fantasy Hockey Rankings: Make These Changes


We did a post similar to this last year (and the year before) and we heard from a bunch of readers that they found it very helpful, so let's see if we can help you again this year... This is for...

ESPN Fantasy Hockey Rankings: Make These Changes...


Here's our quick take on the ESPN fantasy rankings. Check them out... especially if you are autodrafting

Bold and Foolish Predictions 2011-12


Hey FHSers, Ok, it's freaking mid-September. The wait is almost over. Pre-season games start on Monday! That's all fine and everything, but seriously, the NHL's real problems begin at the top. I...

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