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Daily Dosage - July 13, 2008

Daily Diarrhea

Despite many rumours, Garrioch is reporting that the Sens did have discussions with UFA Jason Williams but are looking at other options right now.  Makes sense cause they've got to be looking for some guys to play on the 2nd line.  They have cap space currently but they still need to sign RFAs Vermette and Meszaros so they'll have to look at more affordable options.  If they don't find 2nd line help then that will give a boost to Vermette's value and maybe someone like Nick Foligno will get a look.

Jason Krog has signed to play for Vancouver. Good signing for Van city, we've always liked this guy, hasn't been able to produce at the NHL level but was a huge scorer in college (yes, we said huge not big) and lights up the A (to the tune of 112 points last year).  Might get an opportunity to play some 2nd line minutes next year, so keep an eye on him as other GMs might overlook this guy.

In case you missed it... Scott Clemmensen signed on with New Jersey, apparently he enjoyed his time as Marty's backup, playing like 5 games a year, so much that he's back for more.  He'll probably end up in the A unless Weekes goes crazy sitting on the bench all year.  Not much fantasy impact there but it does mean that Justin Pogge will be the #1 with the Marlies next year so good news for Pogge fans... unless of course Fletcher goes out and signs someone like Arturs Irbe... you just never know.

Seriously, what is up with Tampa Bay?  I know Koules and Barrie want to take a different approach but what are they planning on doing... putting out lines of 4 forwards at a time?  They just signed Gratton, so that gives them a shedload of forwards and only one dmen over the age of 24 (Kuba).

People were saying that they expect the KHL to honour the NHL-KHL agreement struck on Thursday and ban Radulov from playing in the KHL this year and return to Nashville to honour his contract.  Well the latest is that the president of the KHL, Alexander Medvedev, has said that he believes since the Radulov deal was signed before the agreement with the NHL was finished that Radulov is free to play in the KHL this year.

One other Russian note is that reports have Ilya Nikulin close to signing with Atlanta.  He was a 2nd round pick back in 2000 and the 26 year old has been in Russia putting up decent numbers in Kazan for the past few years.  Keep an eye on him, Atlanta might be trying to pull another Tobias Enstrom out of a hat this year to help their backline.  Word is that Nikulin wants assurances that he won't be sent to the minors before he agrees to a deal.

Daily Distraction

What's distracting us today... Final day of the Calgary Stampede... was able to make it down to the rodeo on Friday, lots of crazy dudes riding bulls, giant belt buckles and cowboy hats... oh and fried coke... don't ask.