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Daily Dosage - July 14, 2008

Daily Diarrhea

Ted Nolan is out as the NYI coach, GM Garth Snow cited differences in philosophy as one of the reasons. Apparently Snowy wants someone who can develop the kids, that's good news for fans of Okposo, Tambellini and Joensuu.  Too bad for Ted cause he wasn't given much of a chance with this roster, there wasn't much talent and that translated into a pathetic offense.  Lets hope he finds another job cause I think he's a decent coach.  Two viable candidates to be next coach would have to be John Tortorella and Mother Teresa, cause its going to take a miracle worker to get this team to score goals.

Great quote from Dan Boyle that I just came across about how he felt when he was approached by Tampa Bay and pressured to waive his no-trade clause... "I was misled and lied to and completely disrespected. When you threaten to be put on waivers and end up in Atlanta, it was an eye-opening situation for me."  Not quite the same level as when Gretzky called New Jersey a "Mickey Mouse Franchise" but you still gotta love it.

That leads us to Jason Williams signing in Atlanta, apparently only for 1 year.  Don't take this signing lightly... Atlanta is bad enough that J-Will should step in as their #1C and can be used as a point man on the PP.  He was on pace for about 70 points last year with Chicago before getting hurt and he's a much better option to play with Kovy than Todd White.

Sticking with the ATL theme & a follow up to the Jason Krog signing we discussed yesterday, lets put a plug in for UFA Darren Haydar to find a NHL gig.  All this guy has done is put up 86 points in his last 60 AHL playoff games.  Surprising that Atlanta couldn't find room for this guy, he only got into 20 games over the past 2 seasons with the big club and it appears that Atlanta is willing to let him walk.  Lets hope that he finds a nice situation like Krog does and get a chance to prove himself.

Another follow-up from yesterday, what do you think was going through former Tampa Bay GM Jay "Uncle" Feaster's head when his team, without his input, started this signing frenzy of forwards and then traded two veteran dmen to SJ... one possibility was probably "WTF?", another was probably "You guys are aware that Recchi and Gratton don't play defence, right?"

Word is that Maxim Mayorov, Columbus' 4th round pick in 2007 and the 2nd highest rated Russian in that draft, is intent on playing in North America next year, either with Columbus, Syracuse or Brandon.  Hitchcock was quoted as saying "Maxim has NHL skills all over the place".

But the big news out of the Columbus development camp was that Jakub Voracek has put on 21 pounds since last year and is up to 202 pounds. He was dominate during the camp and although the Jackets are talking about bringing him along slowly, we expect him to be one of the top rookies next season.

Distraction of the Day

What's distracting us today... I'm sitting here waiting for window cleaners to arrive... of course, they said they'll be here between 10 and 12... I'm setting the over/under at a 11:59 arrival time.