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Daily Dosage - July 15, 2008

Daily Diarrhea

Apparently rumours of Shanahan possibly signing in Vancouver are fabricated. His agent says that the only team he's talked to is NYR.  Seems that Shanny wants to take care of some unfinished business in New York.  It kinda looks to me that Sather thinks Shanny has already finished his business in NY.  Not sure that NY really wants him or that they'd be able to make it work under the cap.

Although Sather did clear some room yesterday when he shipped Ryan Hollweg to Toronto for a 5th round pick.  Now, we don't have a problem with Hollweg but this gives the Leafs 14 forwards that look like locks to make the team and that's not including Sundin.  This doesn't leave any spots for guys like Robbie Earl, Jeremy Williams or John Mitchell to fight for during camp.  So Fletcher's grand rebuilding plan up-front was to get rid of Sundin, Tucker, Wellwood, Kilger and Belak and bring in Kulemin, Hagman, Grabovski, Mayers and Hollweg?  All this and he used some of his draftshmaft picks to trade for the last 3 guys.  Don't even get me started about the defense and the whole Finger debacle.  So far, not so good for Fletch. 

More news from Toronto, the NHLPA has filed a grievance on behalf of Jonas Frogren over the whole contract kerfuffle.  Apparently they'll take their time sorting it out but he'll be allowed to play in the meantime.  Just to let you know that he won't have any fantasy impact at all.

NYI GM Garth Snow has said that he is "not inclined to sign anyone else at this time" even though his payroll will barely crack the league mandated minimum.  On a semi-related note, why would anyone really want to coach there?  Snowy's putting whatever coach he gets into a position to fail.  I guess it might be fun to put out the vaunted "37" line with Guerin-Weight-Sillinger, just to see which one of the 37 year olds breaks his hip first.

We try to just report fantasy hockey news and I'm not sure that the fact that Peter Forsberg is injured and it will take X months for him to rehab his feet/ankles/legs is really worthy.  I'm mean even if nobody reported this I would just assume he was injured anyway.

Now this is really news... Tampa Bay signed someone that wasn't a forward... they gave goalie Mike Smith a 2-year extension.  Interested to see what Melrose decides to do with Kolzig and Smith (and even Ramo is ready for some action). Can't imagine anyone's going to be too successful in front of that defense.  Maybe Kelly Hrudey and his teal bandanna can swoop in and save the day for Barry once again.

Speaking of coaches, Dallas gave Dave Tippett an extension and fantasy owners have to like that, Tippett has Dallas playing a tight defensive system that means good numbers for Turco and yet he finds a way to get offense out of guys like Ribeiro, Morrow and even Hagman had 27 goals last year. The offense could be even better this year with a full year from Brad Richards, the return of a healthy Zubov, the emergence of Loui Eriksson and the additions of Brunnstrom and Avery.

Distraction of the Day

What's distracting us today... volunteering down at the Food Bank, always a lot of fun and you learn a lot about food... did you know that you can freeze liquid eggs?