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Daily Dosage - July 16, 2008

Daily Diarrhea

Terry Murray is the leading candidate to be the next head coach of LA.  He's spent the last several years as an assistant coach in Philly and that's where Dean Lombardi was a scout in between his stints as GM in San Jose and LA.  We like this guy, he is a pretty accomplished coach who kind of fell off the radar after he lost his job as Florida coach back in 2000... More analysis to follow later.

Sticking with LA, watched an interview with GM Dean Lombardi recently where he said that he felt Ted Purcell, Brian Boyle and Matt Moulson had paid their dues and had jobs with the big club next year, so good news for fans of the young guys.  Purcell and Boyle have potential to be impact rookies next year.  Lombo also said that he was looking for 2 left shooting dmen and possibly some help in goal.

Now that leads us to the rumour broken by Don Brennan of the Ottawa Sun that there could be a 3-way trade that sends Gerber & Meszaros to LA, Kopitar to Chicago and Khabibulin & Barker/Seabrook to Ottawa.  Maybe this makes sense in Brennan's head but I don't see why LA would give up Kopitar and why Chicago would give up Barker.  Brennan is the same guy that suggested that someone on Ottawa go out and slash Crosby's ankle in the 1st round series with Pittsburgh and then tried to act all tough when Georges Laraque told him to shut up.

Martin Hanzal of Phoenix is due to have back surgery, which they say will be rehabbed by the time training camp starts but nothing makes our spidey sense tingle more than a 21 year old big man having back pains.  Be wary.

Carolina's 1st rounder this year, Zach Boychuk, had wrist surgery and will be rehabbing for 3 months.  This will definitely rule out any slim chance that he had to make the club this year.

Anaheim made a nice move yesterday acquiring Joakim Lindstrom from Columbus for a draft pick. This guy played 25 games with Columbus last year and was on the cusp on full-time duty but may have been pushed out by some of the veteran additions.  There is a chance that he could crack the Anahiem lineup this year, they need people who can score and this guy has scored in the AHL.  Keep an eye on him.

Disappearance of the Day

What's happened to... Jocelyn Thibault?... was the back-up in Buffalo last year but we haven't heard a peep out of him this summer, could it be possible that the guy who was traded for Patrick Roy might be finished at age 33?