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Daily Dosage - July 22, 2008

Daily Diarrhea

Detroit resigned Jonathon Ericsson and Jimmy Howard.  Ericsson got a one-way deal so he'll be with the big club, although with everyone returning on the backline (even Chelios), we wouldn't expect him to get big ice-time for a while.  Detroit tends to ease their dmen in, look at Kronwall, it took him the better part of 3 seasons to establish himself.  Ericsson's a huge man, a converted forward, and one to keep an eye on.

Fedor Fedorov signed with New Jersey, try not to get too excited, he's bounced around North America before and only managed to get into 18 NHL games.

RFA dman Peter Harrold resigned with LA, this guy is one to watch this year, the undrafted free agent out of Boston College put up 43 points in 49 games with Manchester last year before being called up to LA for 25 games.  With Blake and Visnovsky out of the pictures there is a lot of PP time to be dolled out between Harrold, Jack Johnson and possibly Doughty and Hickey.

Goaltender Corey Crawford resigned with Chicago. Now you may say, well he's #3 on the depth chart and may have to start out in the minors but there's a good chance Khabibulin gets traded and then he's #2 on an improved Chicago squad and Huet is not known for his durability (never played more than 52 games in a season)... something to think about.

Boston RFA dman Dennis Wideman has resigned.  He had a breakout year last year with 36 points and Julien played him a tonne and he was especially effective teaming up with Chara on the power play and produced 20 PP points.  I, for one, will be trying to grab him in my fantasy hockey draft.

Toronto is going to honour the numbers of Dougie Gilmour and Wendel Clark this coming year.  Classy move as Gilmour really brought the franchise back to respectability after the Ballard years with a couple of deep runs in the playoffs (and they would have made it to the finals in '93 if it wasn't for Kerry Fraser!... don't get me started) and Wendel was the ultimate fan favourite cause he was flat out the toughest sob you'll ever see... just watch his highlight reel on youtube (we recommend "All Heart")... and if you're still not convinced ask Marty McSorley's face or Bruce Bell's widow.

Distraction of the Day

What's distracting us today... just read that Mike Milbury has signed on with CBC for next season, strap on your loafers Ron and Grapes cause the shoe-beater is moving in.  You gotta love this, Mad Mike is not afraid to spew from the mouth, the man who once described an agent as, "Its too bad he lives in the city. He's depriving some small village of a pretty good idiot".  This guy is priceless and worth tuning in on Saturday night just for him.