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Daily Dosage - July 23, 2008

Daily Diarrhea

Phoenix has resigned RFA Dan Carcillo.  Look for another big season from this ornery bloke. He's a penalty minute machine, leading the league last year with 324 PIMs in only 57 games, and he also managed 13 goals and 24 points.  So if PIMs count in your fantasy hockey league then take a flier on this guy cause Gretzky likes this kid and the Great One has shown that his team's are consistently among the league's most penalized.

Calgary's 2007 1st rounder Mikael Backlund is in town for the team's development camp and when asked about where he's willing to play next season he said if he didn't make the NHL that he would return to Sweden to play for Vasteras in the league below the elite league.  So no chance of him ending up in Kelowna (who hold his WHL rights).  Were not convinced that the 19 year old is ready for the NHL and so he needs to go back to Sweden and do some dominating over there before we'll be convinced he'll be an impact player over here.

Great rumour from Don Brennan in the Ottawa Sun... Vermette to Vancouver for Sami Salo... this one just makes us laugh... but lets try to make sense of it.  OK, Ottawa is afraid that one of their good young forwards (26 year old Vermette) is going to get about $3 million in arbitration so they would turn around and deal him to Van city for a brittle 33 year old dman, who makes $3.5 million a season (for the next 3 years) and has averaged 63 games a year for the last 3 years?  In addition, Salo already had a stint in Ottawa where he averaged less than 50 games a year over 4 seasons and was one of the most despised player by the fans for his inconsistent play and terrible giveaways.  Nice try, we're not falling for this one.   

You gotta love how the new Tampa Bay ownership group is going about business... its like the Canadian Government, as soon as you're in power... JOBS FOR ALL MY FRIENDS!   They brought Barry "Billy-Ray" Melrose back after a long hiatus, hired Rich Tocchet as an assistant coach (and to run their hockey pool?), gave Brian Lawton a job when no one else would touch him, gave their buddy Darren Rumble a position as AHL coach and hired Mike Vernon to be a "right-hand man".  Now Vernon has never worked in an NHL front-office but apparently he's old buddies with Koules & The Gang and helped finance one of Len Barrie's golf courses or something like that.  I have no idea if any of this is going to work but its going to be hilarious to watch.  Next thing you know, they'll hire Don Cherry to be their european scout and Barry Bonds to be their strength and conditioning coach.

Disappearance of the Day

Whatever happened to... Hugh Jessiman... the 6'6'' 230 pound 12th overall pick of the NYR from the 2003 draft never really panned out and just when you figured he was all washed up somewhere, there's been a "Huge Specimen" sighting, actually a signing, as he resigned with the NYR and he'll probably be back in Hartford for another season.