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Daily Dosage - July 24, 2008

Daily Diarrhea

Martin Rucinsky has signed to play for Sparta Prague.  We'd call that a smart move, for the 37 year old Rucinsky, but not by Sparta.  Over the last 3 years he averaged 48 games a year and missed time with the following injuries; bad knee, broken finger, sore groin, hip surgery, hand injury,... (I'm not making this shiit up)... separated shoulder and sore back.  So if you have Marty in your fantasy hockey league & we sincerely hope you don't, then its time to cut the cord... I know its hard to say goodbye but he's in a better place.

Glen Murray probably thought that the buyout period ended on July 1st but since Boston and Denis Wideman were scheduled to go to arbitration and subsequently worked out a deal, Boston gets another crack at buyouts and guess who was first on the list... Murray.  Muzzy's career pretty much ended when Joe Thornton got traded, and the injuries have really ramped up over the last 3 years where he's only averaged 62 games per season.  Goal scoring is at a premium in the NHL so look for him to catch on with a desperate team, say perhaps the Islanders?, cause he could still pot 20 but most likely he'll be hurt and a disappointment.

Apparently Buffalo is negotiating to bring 40 year old Teppo Numminen back for one more year. We don't expect Tep to have much of a fantasy hockey impact but it could negatively affect one of our top breakout candidates Andrej Sekera.  We expected Sekera to get lots of PP time after his 37 game NHL debut last year but with the additions of Rivet and Teppo, those opportunities could be limited.

Johan Holmqvist is taking his ball and going home, after 2 underwhelming season's as Tampa Bay's starting goalie, the Swede is heading back to play for Frolunda... it's been fun Holmes, keep in touch.

Vancouver resigned RFA forward Ryan Shannon, he played 27 games with them last year and has some offensive skills but we're not sure he'll get the opportunities to display them.

Detroit showed why its running the top organization in the league by signing UFA Darren Haydar to a one year deal.  As we said back on July 14th, somebody needs to give this guy a chance cause all this guy has done is put up 86 points in his last 60 AHL playoff games.  He'll probably start in the A but he'll be up at some point and we expect that he'll make the most of it.

Quote from Calgary GM Darryl Sutter talking about Mike Keenan and his team defence, "I'm used to having a very good goals against and that's the coach's responsibility this year, to make sure that this group that we've assembled (does that)."  So apparently Iron Mike gets a mulligan for last year's GAA, which was 15th in the league, but this year, you've been warned, sounds like Duane and his brother Darryl and his other brother Darryl (sorry, we meant Ron), mean business.

Distraction of the Day

What's distracting us today... can't get enough of that fight in the WNBA the other night (at the Palace of Auburn Hills, of course), check it out on youtube if you haven't seen it... so not only do you have chicks getting up in each other's grills and taking swings but then former Pistons "Bad Boy" Rick Mahorn starts tossing 'bows around and drops Lisa Leslie to the floor, meanwhile Bill Laimbeer and Michael Cooper are in the mix... what is this Pistons-Lakers circa 1989???... what's next, Kurt Rambis and Vinny "the Microwave" Johnson jump out of the stands and start chuckin' knuckles?