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Daily Dosage - July 25, 2008

Daily Diarrhea

You'll be glad to know our old (heroin) buddy Jere Karlahati, the one-time Los Angeles prospect who had his NHL career shortened due to 3 violations of the league's substance abuse policy, is still playing hockey and still scoring (drugs not goals) regularly.  He was playing in Finland last year and was arrested for smuggling amphetamines and being involved in various drug rings.  So his Finnish team released him and he ended up on probation but now word is that he's signing on to play for a German league team called... wait for it... The Hamburg Freezers.

Bob Hartley was in for an interview with the NYI the other day and apparently John Tortorella is next.  GM Garth Snow seems to be intent on interviewing every coach that was fired last year, due to their tremendous success, I guess.  Not sure Torts is the man for this job as its going to take someone who will lean on and develop the young guys and thats not his bag.

Some old news but some good news... NYI prospect Jesse Joensuu had a hat-trick in one of the scrimmages at their development camp last week. The big Finn (6'4'', 235) was a 2nd round pick in 2006 and is committed to playing in North America next year, so we like his chances to start in the A and be one of the first call-ups to the show when injuries strike & we love his long term potential.

Minnesota prospect Ondrej Fiala, their 2nd round pick from 2006, is leaving North American (he played in the dub last year) and is heading to Russia to play for Spartak Moscow. That appears to be a bad sign for his future prospects, since Minnesota either didn't make a push to keep him here or are not afraid to let him go to Russia where it could be difficult to get him back.

News on 3 Boston prospects... GM Chiarelli has said that Tuukka Rask will spend another year in the A this year as Thomas and Fernandez man the nets in Boston.  But on second glance, given Timmy & Manny's age (34 & 33), injury history (Manny almost missed the entire season last year with a knee injury) and contract status (both are UFAs at the end of this season), we can see Tuukka playing in the NHL at some point this year and pulling a Carey Price and winning the #1 job.  Big Swede Carl Soderberg is ready to play in North America and we think he's ready to crack the NHL roster, we'll see how he does at the main camp in September.  He might be up against Blake Wheeler for a spot on the big club although Blake himself has said that he thinks he needs more time to develop before he's ready.  They plan on moving Wheeler to RW and said that he's going to come under the tutelage of Cam Neely... damn, talk about Hot For Teacher... why can't I come under the tutelage of Cam Neely?  Actually, I'm not going to lie, there would be a lot of pant-wetting going on if Cam Neely ever even looked at me, let alone talked to me.

Distraction of the Day

What's distracting us today... Read that 50 Cent is suing Taco Bell cause he didn't appreciate the fact that they asked him to change his name to 99 Cent for a day.  Have to side with half dollar on this one, firstly, just because his name is 50 cent doesn't mean he wants to be part of the advertising campaign for every fast food chain, dollar store or flea market out there.  Second, his name is 50 Cent, not 50 cents, so they want him to change his name to 99 cent?  What's the cashier at Taco Bell supposed to say, "ah, sir, that will be 99 cent"... not that I expect the Queen's English from some scrub at the Bell but what happened to the goddamn S???  Thirdly, I don't think anyone needs to be assisting TacoHell in destroying internal organs by selling more 99 cent chalupas or whatever stool softener it is that they're peddling.

Oh and following up on yesterday's distraction, so the WNBA suspended assistant coach Rick Mahorn for 2 games for his Lisa Leslie throw-down in that brawl the other night and head coach Bill Laimbeer was "incensed" at the suspension.  Alright, for those who remember Bill Laimbeer as a player, when was he not incensed at a call that went against him?  This guy was the biggest baby on the dirtiest team in the league.