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Daily Dosage - July 27, 2008

Daily Diarrhea

The NHL has investigated Tampa Bay's hiring of Ryan Malone's father Greg Malone as director of pro scouting.  His hiring came right before TB traded for Ryan's rights and signed him.  I guess the league wanted to investigate if anything fishy was going on and from a distance, it kinda smells like it.  Wouldn't put it past Koules & The Gang, who seem to think outside the proverbial box, to try to entice Malone there by giving his dad a sweet job.  The NHL has apparently ended its investigation and cleared TB...

Like Bettman is going to slap the hands of the newest members of his flock.  We've seen what lengths Little Bettsy will go to for his handpicked owners... maybe he's been watching too many gangster movies and wants to surround himself with a band of thieves and outlaws, including McNall, Rigas, Samuelli, "Boots" Del Biaggio and others to be named later... all the time refusing Jim Balsillie's overtures to overpay for one of his pet project teams in Nashville. 

While we're on a roll here, anyone catch the Team 1040 interview with NHL deputy commish Bill Daly where he defended all of the stupid spending that NHL teams have been involved in lately and said, "If we have the revenues to support them (salaries), then we want them as high as possible.  Salaries, ultimately, are a reflection of how well the business is doing on the revenue side."   Our immediate reaction is WTF???  I know Bettsy wouldn't know the answer to this question but I kinda thought Billy D might... Where do you think the revenues of the league are coming from?... I hate to break the news to you but you don't have a network TV deal in the US, sure CBC and TSN help in Canada and some teams have good local TV deals but... the answer is TICKET REVENUE.  That's who fricken pays for all of these outrageous deals, the people that buy the ridiculously overpriced ducats and Billy D couldn't give a flying-fart... he wants salaries "As high as possible"... makes us sick.

Sorry this was a very league-bashing oriented day, we apologize, but its a slow fantasy hockey news day and every once it a while you just have to let your inner-Bettman-rant out

Distraction of the Day

What's distracting us today... Final day of the Tour de France, have been following it this year and been enjoying it, some of the stuff these guys pull off is pretty amazing... the speeds these guys achieve going up and down the mountains is unbelievable... In a related story, one of our scouts observed a Calgary cop using a radar gun to catch and ticket people speeding on their bikes to work the other day... Thanks to Calgary's finest for keeping those low-life, repugnant, despicable speeding biker gangs off the streets, I for one feel much safer.