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Daily Dosage - July 28, 2008

Daily Diarrhea

Anaheim GM Brian Burke is saying that he hasn't heard from Teemu Selanne in a while but the speculation is that he'll sign back there eventually.  Anaheim is in a bit of a pinch with cap issues so it will be interesting to see if they can fit Teemu in the mix.  The have to get rid of Schneider's $5.6 million dollar cap hit first but that's easier said then done.  Is it just us or does Burkie seem to always get himself into a bit of a salary cap pinch?  Last year he signed Bertuzzi to a big deal, then had to give away Andy McDonald to fit Niedermayer under the cap and also gave away Bryzgalov on waivers. This year he buys out Bertuzzi and may have to deal Schneider just to get under the cap, let alone have room to sign Selanne.

Chicago GM Dale Tallon is blowing smoke about keeping both Khabibulin and Huet on the roster for next year.  He's just trying to make it seem like he's not desperate to trade but we'll see your bluff and raise you one of Peter Pucklington's stanley cup rings that we found at a pawn shop.  Dale, there's a thing called the salary cap and you're about $6 million over it.  So unless you plan on buying out Brian Campbell's contract then I'd say that off-loading Khaby is about all you can do.

Toronto fans will be cringing to hear that Jonas Hoglund is still collecting a paycheque somewhere (Sweden).  Hoglund is apparently moving on to Malmo after a season where he put up 9 points in 36 games for Farjestads.  This guy was one in a long line of Sundin's linemates that had no business playing with the Big Swede, others who make our distinguished list include: Sergei Berezin, Derek King, Mike Johnson, Freddie Modin, Mikael Renberg, Alex Ponikarovsky and Nik Antropoof.

Next 2 guys in line to interview for the NYI head coaching job are Mike Sullivan (TB assistant) and Scott Gordon (Providence Head Coach).  And for the award for "Least Informative Inside Source", a team source told Greg Logan from Newsday that the interview with Tortorella had "gone as well as the interviews with Hartley and Maurice."  Well that really sheds some light on who has the inside track... how can you call yourself a source?... you haven't sourced anything.

Dish of the Day

Have to thank 2 friends for putting links to fantasy hockey scouts on their blogs...

Ahow from Seattle is a helluva guy and very funny, he writes a lot of TV and movie reviews and if that doesn't work out he's got big aspirations to run his own beer store someday... keep reaching for the stars buddy.  So I suggest you check out his site...

And our buddy from down under (Australia, not the basement) has a new website that I quite enjoyed... ... Its all about obscure sports news & videos and if there's anyone that knows a thing or two about obscurity, its J.

Distraction of the Day

What's distracting us today... Hurt my knee last night playing soccer so going to be heading to the doc to get it checked out. I'd love to say that I hurt it as I was busting through defenders like Maradona when someone butchered me to the ground but in actuality I was taking a pass and this girl was all over me and so I hit the panic button and tried to turn and then crumbled like a taco shell... end of story.