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Daily Dosage - July 31, 2008

Daily Diarrhea

Well the NHL news picked up a little bit overnight so you won't have to hear us do arbitration role-play scenarios again...

According to the Ottawa Sun, Antoine Vermette avoided arbitration and re-signed with Ottawa on a 2-year deal worth $2.75M per.  After all that advice we gave him yesterday, we basically laid $4M per on a platter for him and he caves and takes less than market value?  This is why Ottawa is soft and always will be.

Columbus re-signed RFA goalie Pascal Leclaire to a 3-year deal at $3.8M per season.  Finally broke through last year and Columbus is a solid defensive team under Hitch but he shouldn't be a #1 goalie on your fantasy hockey team yet.  His second half last year was below average and he hasn't shown that he can stay healthy for an entire season.  So if you're in a 12 team league, he'd be a solid #2 goalie for most teams.

Apparently the NYR have offered a training camp invite to Petr Nedved.  Seems like this guy has been around for ever and gone for ever but in fact he's only 36 and he's only been gone from the NHL for one season.  He played for Sparta Praha last year and had the ultimate Cy Young line, 20 & 5 for 25 points.

Carolina prospect Drayson Bowman, who won the Memorial Cup this year with Spokane, has signed an entry level deal with the club.  This guy is a sniper, watch out for him.  He had a good training camp last year so it wouldn't surprise us if he cracks the roster this year.  If not, then watch for him to light it up for the US at the world juniors in Ottawa.

Latest on the NYI coaching spot is that the Scott Gordon interview went "Extremely well"... well thanks for that little tidbit... Joel Quenneville is out, he's taking a year off, or at least that's what he's telling the Isles.

Chuck Gormley of some paper called the Camden Courier-Post seems to live in a world where the NHL only has 2 teams.... Philadelphia and whoever Philadelphia wants to trade with, cause he's dreaming up all these scenarios about how Philly can trade scrubs to Florida to land Jay Bouwmeester and then says how J-Bo would "almost certainly sign a long term extension" with Philly.... cool your engines there Chuck... 1) Philly is way over the cap; 2) Even if they wanted to trade for him, you don't think 28 other teams will be putting together sweet offers as well?; and 3) Why would he sign a long-term extension in Philly when he's about to be one of the most highly sought after UFAs in the history of the league?

Mats Sundin Saga, Episode XXIV - so apparently now after his agent, JP Barry, said that August 1st was a "soft deadline", he's now saying that when Mats was talking about making a decision in August, he didn't mean August 1st, so it could be anytime in August. Oh, nellie.  In more interesting news, apparently there are 6 teams now interested in signing Mats.  We knew about Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto.  There was speculation about the NYR but that was before they got Naslund and Zherdev, so they're about capped out.  Here's a few possible candidates to be the other 3 teams in Mats' 6-pack...

Atlanta - they need a #1C to play with Kovie & have cap space.

Columbus - been talking about getting a #1C since they were awarded a franchise.

Edmonton - went hard after Hossa, Katz' has $$$ but would have to clear cap space.

Florida - they might be interested but can't see the feeling being mutual.

Nashville - has cap room but ownership has bigger fish to fry.

Ottawa - don't sleep on Bryan Murray trying to get in there, he wants to shake things up and they've got some room but it means they'd have to make other deals to clear salary.

and, of course, Tampa Bay, cause pretty much every other forward available has signed there.   

Distraction of the Day

What's distracting us today... added a few things to the site, let me know if its too much or overwhelming, I don't think they'll all survive the cut but figured we'd give them a try for a while.  We now have a search box in the top right so you can search the site or do a google search, you can now post comments about any of the articles, we've got polls (no stripper polls, sorry Fred), you can digg me (if anyone knows what that is, I'm still figuring it out) and, of course, everyone's favourite... we got Ads!  Oh and if you go to our About page then since we mentioned that we dislike actuaries, we are now sponsored by some actuarial recruiters... I think they're hovering around just waiting for my demise so they can swoop in.... bastards.