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Fantasy Hockey Links


Other than combing through online's some of the sites we use.  We thought they might help out you and your fantasy team.

If you think you know of a site that we missed either drop a comment below or send us an email ( or

Fantasy Hockey Resources

  • - Great box scores (TOI split by PP, SH, EV and total) and all the stats you need on players profile pages. 
  • Goalie - projected starters each day and all of your goalie news
  • The Hockey News Fantasy Tools - the power play leaders are particularly helpful
  • Yahoo & CBSSportsline - stats, minor league stats, game logs, league leaders, etc.
  • Hockey Stat Analysis - for the math nerd in you
  • TSN's Ice Chips - a quick look at the important hockey news from the past few days
  • NHL Shift Charts - all you need is the game number (from and you're set
  • HockeyPoolGeek - generates custom draft rankings based on your league specs... you can even use the FHS projected stats to generate your rankings.
  • Spector's Hockey -  good to get a sense of some of the rumours floating around out there... and these ones aren't just made up.
  • Cap Geek - not really a fantasy hockey resource but lots of fun anyway.
  • HockeyDraft - our favourite pool hosting site and not just cause we write for them.
  • Fantasy Hockey Directory - all your fantasy hockey searches have already been done.
  • - they consolidate data from a lot of fantasy sources and their "Fantasy Ranker" can be used to produce custom draft cheatsheets. 

Fantasy Hockey Sites

Sites That Have Distracted Us (sites we've linked to in one of our Daily Distractions or elsewhere on our site)

Home Of The Little Jerseys

  • Jersey Database - without these guys our site would look worse than it does