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Daily Dosage - August 1, 2008

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Daily Diarrhea

Scotty Bowman is leaving his position with Detroit to go to help out his son Stan in Chicago.  Can't hurt to have someone with 9 cups worth of coaching experience hanging around the rink somedays.  Chicago might finally be heading in the right direction although we're not so sure about Huet and they overpaid for both him and Campbell... but the youth movement is coming along very nicely.

Edmonton came in under the radar yesterday with their front office re-org.  So Kevin Lowe is heading further upstairs to the President's chair and they're bringing in Steve Tambellini as their new GM.  Tambellini had been with Vancouver for 17 years and must have been just pissed to have been passed over twice for their GM position, first in 2004 when Burke left and Nonis was promoted over him and now the Aquilini's bring in an agent???, Mike Gillis, to run the club... not surprised he had enough.  Good move by the Oil, Tambs & K-Low should make a good team and with Katz' money they should be able to spend to the max, keep their core players and attract a few more.... but whats interesting is going to be their chats about their mutual friend Brian Burke.  Lowe absolutely laid into Burke recently (before Bettsy put the kibosh on that fun) about the whole Dustin Penner feud and Tambellini worked with Burkie for 6 plus seasons so you gotta think they're friends or at least had a good working relationship... talk about awkward.

Speaking of Edmonton, one thing that will be interesting to see once camp starts is how the lines shakedown... they've already said that they want to keep the kid line of Nilsson-Gagner-Cogliano together, since they finished the season so well, so that leaves Hemsky & Horcoff to play with either Dustin Penner or Erik Cole?  We'd bet on Cole cause Penner could do more crashing on a 3rd line but watch out for this cause this isn't going to help Penner's numbers if he's the odd man out.  As you can see not much room in their top 6 for a guy like Robbie Schremp, who deserves a shot this year.

Marc Crawford has signed on to do play-by-play for CBC... this guys voice just annoys us, it always sounds like its about to squeak, but then it doesn't but you're on the edge of your seating waiting... we can't handle it, too stressful.

Distraction of the Day

What's distracting us today... finally mastered the art of embedding videos into the blog, so now we'll have some visuals so that you can follow along at home if you're not sure what we're talking aboot... which probably happens often, we apologize and to show our thanks we offer you this... Great fight from a few years back between Aaron Downey from Montreal & Brad Norton from Ottawa...

Despite the fact no punches were thrown, we're still enthralled by this, there's so much to discuss...

1) Before the fight ever starts Downey's been down on the ice twice?  Norton almost won by TKO on the 3 knockdown rule without even throwing a punch.

2) Downey starts off acting like he's going to fight lefty and then remembers that he's a righty and switches... c'mon, you're fighting Brad Norton, not Ken Norton... how bout you just start off throwing punches son?

3) Love how at the end Downey wipes his nose and tries to look all tough like he just went 10 rounds with Tyson.

4) Great use of the Final Countdown in the video btw but that other song was totally blocking us from hearing the fans boo these clowns off the ice... oh wait this was Ottawa, they were probably all for two gentlemen resolving their differences peacefully.... once again, soft.

5) Ref couldn't give them fighting majors so he gave them both 10 minute misconducts for being gay.