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Daily Dosage - August 3, 2008

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Daily Diarrhea

We went to the end of the internet and outside of guys just making up crazy trades, this was the only real fantasy hockey news we could find...

NYI GM Garth Snow is supposedly going to wrap up interviews for his head coaching position this week after he chats with Marc Crawford and Gerard Gallant.  Crawford must have heard that we weren't too thrilled about his return to the broadcast booth and has decided to try to hold on to his day job.  If we're Garth, we're remembering that Crawford didn't do too well in 2 seasons with a young team in LA and we wouldn't be too confident that he would be any better with this young team.  Gallant is currently a NYI assistant coach and was a head coach in Columbus for a full season and parts of two others.  He was terrible in Columbus, in his one full season his team finished 26th overall, were 28th in goals for, 26th in goals against and their PP % was ranked 29th.  So he gets fired during the 2006/07 season and Snow is thinking that Ted Nolan's PP (which ranked 12th at 18.1% in 2006/07) could use a little more pop so he hires Gallant to run the power play for 2007/08.  What happens?  the power play ends up converting at 14.5% and it finishes 29th in the league... sound like someone who you want to promote?

Anyone else find it ironic that Garth Snow is on the league's Goalie Equipment Working Group that is charged with findings ways to make the goalie equipment smaller?  Another great appointment by the NHL...

Distraction of the Day

What's distracting us today...  There's a big Cricket tournament going in the park across the street from Fantasy Hockey Scouts headquarters.  From what I can tell, it appears to be India vs India in the first match with the winner to play India.  There's alot of screaming and cheering going on, so people are getting into it... might have to go over there and get one of the staples of cricket matches going... The Beer Snake!...