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Daily Dosage - August 4, 2008

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Daily Diarrhea

Anyone else find the 2-minute warning in the NFL a little unnecessary?  I mean, do you really need a "warning" and for those who are playing or watching the game, who doesn't know exactly what time is left?  Where you really need a 2 minute warning is at last call, so you can get a few more in before the bar closes.  We bring this up cause we're giving you a 2 Month Warning on the beginning of the NHL regular season, which will start in Prague and Stockholm on October 4th.  So time to start getting geared up and prepped for hockey, fantasy hockey, hockey pools, road hockey, beer league hockey, bubble hockey, air hockey, any hockey you can think of... and if you hadn't noticed we're geared up for hockey 365.   

JP Dumont of Nashville was asked recently his thoughts on Alexander Radulov signing to play in Russia next year and he told the Nashville Tennessean that he'd love to have him back but that if he did come back he'd "have a lot of explaining to do during training camp. Not only to the players, but I think to fans, too."  Thanks JP, I'm sure all 3 of the Nashville fans out there are so glad that you're speaking for them and enticing Rads to come back with your open arms welcome.  He's already shown that he doesn't want to play in Nashville and now you're basically telling him that the players and fans are going to make it uncomfortable on him if he's forced to come back.

Lots of people call the Leafs or the NYR "The Country Club" because of the lifestyle the players enjoy but we're really starting to think that the new Tampa Bay Ownership Group (aka Koules & the Gang) really thinks they're running a country club... & I guess that makes sense cause that's what co-owner Len Barrie has been doing for the last few years.  Was reading a blog on the team's website about their recent development camp on Vancouver Island (at Len Barrie's latest golf course/resort) and it sounded a lot more like Bud Camp than development camp.  There were references in the blog to rounds of golf, hiking, trivia contests, pool parties at Len Barrie's house, press conferences, a few scrimmages and not much development, although I'm sure the players didn't mind cause I'm sure they all got free ice cream (any flavour they wanted!).  During the scrimmages instead of letting the real coaches do their thing, Oren Koules coached one team and Len Barrie coached the other... No word if Barry Melrose jump back behind the mic and commentated.  Then it mentioned that Tyson Barrie, Len's son who is 17 and hasn't been drafted, participated in the camp, nice perk for the owner to include his son and too bad for any player who tried to take him out.  On top of it all, the camp was on the opposite corner of the continent, many miles from home for most of the staff and apparently the equipment staff had to drive all the gear 52 hours there and 52 hours back to make this all work.

This just dawned on us but how come Mike Commodore has never chosen to wear jersey number 64?  Wouldn't that be one of the best jersey's of all time?

Distraction of the Day

What's distracting us today... well its actually a holiday today up here in Canada, sometimes called Simcoe Day, Civic Holiday, August Long or just "I don't have to work Monday" works just fine.  Basically, we Canadians have to take advantage of the 2 months of warm weather we get, so how could they possibly expect us to go from July 1st to Labour Day without a long weekend in there?  Well never fear, we're on the job today doing our best to bring you a quality, informative, PG-rated reading experience... long weekends are for the weak.