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Daily Dosage - August 6, 2008

Daily Diarrhea

Since there's not much news out there we thought we'd take a look at what could be news in a few weeks as there are a number of teams that are currently projected to be over the salary cap and will have to do something to rectify that before the season starts which could have big repercussions in fantasy hockey leagues.  The source for approximate cap numbers was and we projected those out based on what we think the opening day roster will be so numbers don't match exactly what is shown on NHLSCAP (which is a fantastic resource, btw).

Anaheim (over cap by approx. $3.8M) - This is going to be a tight one for Burkie to figure out and that's not even taking Selanne into account, if he decides to come back.  Word is they're trying to move Schneider ($5.6M cap hit) and Marchant ($2.5M) might be another one to go.  As we mentioned back on July 28th Burkie doesn't seem to have this cap thing quite figured out yet.

Calgary (over cap by approx. $2.5M) - See our article on Calgary for our thoughts on their situation but for just fixing this salary cap snafu, GM Sutter will either have to move Aucoin ($4M cap hit) or send down some combination of Warrener ($2.35M), Eriksson ($1.5M) and Nilson ($1.0M).  This also is another reason that Backlund might not make the roster this year, they can't afford it.

Chicago (over cap by approx. 5.5M) - This is going to be the most interesting one cause they're going to have to get this under the cap before the season starts so if Tallon is willing to keep Khabibulin ($6.75M cap hit), as he keeps saying, then his other option is to move Havlat ($6.0M), which makes sense since he's a UFA at the end of the year and has only played in 44% of the games over the last 3 seasons... but they probably won't get much in return.

Philadelphia (over cap by approx. $5.4M) - There could be some serious funny accounting going on as they've got a lot of weird situations.  They left Rathje ($3.5M) on the long-term injury list last year and we're assuming he'll be back there this year, so that helps and then Derian Hatcher ($3.5M) could be the same deal or will they try to move Simon Gagne ($5.25M) which should draw interest but with the injury history and cap hit, could prove difficult.  Any of Mike Knuble ($2.8M), Joffrey Lupul ($2.3M) and Randy Jones ($2.5M) could also be victims of the cap crunch.

Washington (over cap by approx. $1.7M) - This is where the Fedorov signing ($4M cap hit) makes less sense since Nylander is back and Feds will probably be mostly on the 3rd line.  Maybe Nylander ($4.9M) is going to be moved?  Sounds like Chris Clark is coming back so no injury relief there (well except for him of course) but haven't heard much about Brian Pothier ($2.5M) lately, he's had a few knocks to the head (only played 38 games last year) and those concussions might keep him sidelined for a while, which could spell Cap R-E-L-I-E-F for the Caps.

Dallas, Detroit and San Jose all look to be really close (maybe slightly over) so wouldn't be surprised if these guys make some moves to free up some space.

Came across a week-old but interesting James Mirtle article from the Globe and Mail on arbitration, specifically the arbitration process for Washington dman Shaone Morrisonn.  But it was a comment that was the most interesting... user commented that since both sides shoot for the stars in the salary that they're asking for and then the arbitrator can pick anything in between (and in this case he split the difference) that there is really no incentive for either side to make a reasonable case.  This does seemed messed up but I guess it happens so rarely (only 2 cases made it all the way to arbitration this year) that its nothing to get worked out about.

The results from our last poll are in and it was a unanimous decision that people like the polls, so the polls live!  Our next poll is for you to tell us what you want us to do (and how we should spend our time)... do you want more daily notes, more distractions, more frequent articles (longer features) or should we spend our time on some magazines/reports that we're going to put out in September.  Let us know what you think... your wish is our command.

Distraction of the Day

What's distracting us today...  for those of you that don't follow footie, there's been an on again/off again Mats Sundin-esque saga involving Manchester United and Real Madrid over Cristiano Ronaldo.  Well it looks to be over, Sir Alex Ferguson has laid down the law and said that he'll remain in Manchester!  Fantastic news since he's, arguably, the best footballer in the world... check out the highlight reel...

Here's the link if the embedded video doesn't play...