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Daily Dosage - August 8, 2008

Daily Diarrhea

Just a few loose bits today (sorry for the mental imagery) and then a bit of a rant, sorry...

Toronto has hired Dougie Gilmour to be an assistant coach with the AHL Marlies.... go get 'em Killer.  Too bad they don't really have any prospects down there (aside from Justin Pogge) for him to work with.

Carolina has given Jeff O'Neill a training camp invite to see if he's got anything left in the tank.  Despite a few rough years and not playing at all last season, he's only 32 and as bad as he was in Toronto, he did have 20 goals in 06/07 despite limited minutes and not much powerplay time.  The Carolina roster is actually crackable, so it will be interesting to see what happens, but hold off picking him in your fantasy hockey draft.

Calgary coach Mike Keenan went to Finland recently to check-in with Miikka Kiprusoff where he's been preparing for the season.  He did his offseason training in Calgary last year but wasn't happy with the results so he's stayed in Finland this year.  Good move by Iron Mike to make sure things are kosher with his bread-winner as the end of the season was a bit of a calamity and Mike's smart enough to know that this team is all about Kipper.

Was reading some internet blather about Chicago the other day, can't remember what it was about but it mentioned that Denis Savard did a good job last year as they finished the season with a "winning record".  So we're assuming that this genius just looks at the standings, sees that Chicago was 40-34-8 with a .537 winning % and says, "we're above .500 so we got a winning record".  Well, if you've looked at the standings close enough, you'd realized that by that logic, all but 6 of the teams in the league had "winning records" last year.... so unless this is squirt division soccer where everyone gets a medal just for playing, we don't see how the winning % is really adding any value here.  Guess there could be four ways to look at your record and determine if you had a winning record:

  1. The way the NHL standings are printed: 40-34-8... which we already determined is useless
  2. We could call a win a win and a loss a loss (even though some losses earn points): 40-42
  3. We could take out your shootout record and count those as ties (since they shouldn't count as a real win): 35-38-9
  4. We could take record #3 but also count OT wins and losses as ties: 31-34-17

So pretty obvious that no person with a half a brain could make a case that Chicago had a "winning record".  So how about instead of winning record we just say... you finished 20th overall in the league and missed the playoffs... and leave it at that.

Distraction of the Day

What's distracting us today...  So heard a rumour that the Olympics are starting/have started/are finished?  Well whippdee-fricken-dooo, can't say we care much about them anymore... I used to remember when the Olympics were cool, I remember being all excited to get that thick glossy Sports Illustrated Olympic Preview issue and I'd go through and look how many Canadians they picked to win medals and then would get all depressed when we didn't win any.  And then it was the bomb in '88 when Ben Johnson was the fastest man on the planet....

Here's the link if the embedded video doesn't work...

... and then Ben was busted and in protest, I think I subconsciously vowed to never get emotionally attached to the Olympics again.

I wondered what Ben was up to these days and found this video of him being interviewed recently by some guy that kinda reminds me of Larry King's corpse (if it had no neck and a british accent)... fast forward to about the 5:15 mark to hear what Ben's up to these days...