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Daily Dosage - August 9, 2008

Daily Diarrhea

The National Post is reporting that Bryan McCabe is willing to discuss being moved, Cliff Fletcher has said that he's waiting for McCabe to come back to him with a list of teams he'd be willing to go to and then he'll start discussing deals.  Although, Cliff already seems defeated and doesn't think they'll get much in return, "With him dictating where he wants to go, probably not much," said Fletcher.  Way-to aim high there Cliff, jeez is it necessary to announce to the world that you're dying to just give this guy away?  Starting to remind us of the whole Larry Murphy debacle when Cliff gave him to Detroit and said that he didn't even consider asking for anything in return and then Murphy magically turned out to be a useful player again and helped Detroit win 2 cups.  This is good news for McCabe as he could end up in a much better situation and wouldn't surprise us if he had a bounce back season and also good news Toronto dman Anton Stralman who might get a bigger role with Caber gone.

Teppo Numminen signed with Buffalo, as we discussed back on July 24th.  Again, I guess the winner in this deal is Buffalo cause they missed Teppo last year but we think the loser is Andrej Sekera who might have a hard time getting quality minutes on Buffalo's aging backline. 

Internet speculation is that the final 3 candidates for the NYI Head Coach position are Paul Maurice, Bob Hartley and Scott Gordon... shocking that Gerard Gallant didn't make the final 3?

Theo Fleury signed a contract and is going to suit up for the Calgary Vipers, a minor league baseball team today.  Apparently he's taking it pretty seriously and said that the opportunity to suit up for the Vipers is "one of my all-time dreams come true" and admitted it'd be a thrill "to be mentioned in the same breath as Bo Jackson as a two-sport professional athlete."  We're not sure whose breath will be mentioning Theo Fleury and Bo Jackson at the same time?... other than his own, I guess.  Hey Theo, playing a game for a minor league team at the age of 40 doesn't make you a "Two-Sport Star"... Somewhere Deion Sanders is rolling in his grave.

Distraction of the Day

What's distracting us today...  20th anniversary of the most shocking trade in the history of sports, when Wayne Gretzky was sold to LA.  First of all, why is everyone celebrating this? is all over this, so Gary Bettman thinks we should all look back fondly on the time when one of the league's deadbeat owners sells the best player to ever play the game to cover some bad business deals.  Yeah, I'm sure the people in Edmonton are shining up that statue of Peter Pocklington as we speak.

Bizarre quote from The Great One on moving to LA, "I remember the first weekend I was in L.A.," he told TSN. "I was going by these tennis courts and I stopped the car and told my friend, 'If we were in Canada, people would be playing inline and ball hockey here.' A year later there was a sign on the fence that read, 'No Inline Hockey Allowed.' It's come a long way."  So the fact that some washed-up tennis pro puts up a sign to keep kids from playing hockey on the courts is Wayne's defining moment about the growth on hockey in LA?  C'mon Wayner, its been 20 years and this is the best you got?... weak.