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Daily Dosage - August 10, 2008

Daily Diarrhea

Read a interview with Alexander Radulov and he doesn't sound too interested in coming back to Nashville, geez, he almost sounds like his next move might be into politics... Radulov said, "NHL for 15 years brought young players from Europe, first and foremost from Russia. I think that it is time to end this. Simply put: time to stop robbing us!"  And by robbing us, I'm sure he meant give us millions of dollars and fame for playing a game that millions of us would play for free.

USA Hockey wrapped up their junior evaluation camp yesterday that was used to judge some of the talent that will be representing the US at the World Junior Championships in Ottawa starting in December.  The US broke into two squads and played teams from Sweden and Finland in Lake Placid last week.  Players such as James van Riemsdyk, Mitch Wahl and Drayson Bowman were among the leading scorers for the US.  van Riemsdyk finished with 6 goals over 4 games including a hat trick against Finland in the final game.  Looking forward to seeing him at the World Jrs this year but would really like to see him in the NHL this year but he's said that he wants to go back to college for another year.  Also, Mikael Backlund participated for Sweden and had a two goals in the final game.

D-List Reporting of the Day

Greg Logan from Newsday reports today that the NYI have narrowed their list of potential coaches to 3, Bob Hartley, Paul Maurice and Scott Gordon, as we mentioned yesterday.  Best part is when he's describing Maurice's past record and he writes, "Before his three-season tenure in Toronto that included only one playoff appearance, Maurice spent nine seasons with Hartford/Carolina. He turned a perennial also-ran into a consistent winner."  We'll go easy and only point out 3 inaccuracies with these two sentences... First, Maurice only coached two NHL seasons in Toronto.  Second, that included only none playoff appearance.  And third, maybe NYI fans have low expectations but not sure that Maurice's 3 playoff appearances in 9 years with Hartford/Carolina can be described as a "consistent winner".  TSN also picked up the story and didn't bother to check any facts either.

Distraction of the Day

What's distracting us today... As a follow up to yesterday, checked the box score of the Calgary Vipers game yesterday to see how our boy Theo Fleury did and he actually played both ends of a double header and finished 1 for 3 with two strikeouts.  Still trying to confirm if Bo Jackson was in attendance to see the world's next two-sport star in action and also looking into the rumour that the Mariners offered him a contract after the game.