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Daily Dosage - August 11, 2008

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Daily Diarrhea

No news out there today... but check back at our Dosages from the weekend for news on Bryan McCabe, Alexander Radulov and James van Riemsdyk.

Thought since we had some time/space, that we'd take a look at goalies going into contract years. Goalie situations always seem set in stone going into the season, for example, just look back to last year when guys like Ray Emery, Chris Mason, Dwayne Roloson and Cristobal Huet seemed like solid #1 goalies only to lose their jobs at some point during the year.  Also, backups like Ilja Bryzgalov, Jose Theodore and Ty Conklin became valuable contributors to fantasy hockey teams last year.  One of the factors that can cause a team's goaltending situation to change is a contract year.  Last season goalies such as Huet, Theodore, Olaf Kolzig and Dan Ellis were due to be UFAs at the end of the year and it caused a shakeup in each of their teams last year.  So lets look at the potential situations that could be impacted this year:

Boston - Both Tim Thomas and Manny Fernandez will be UFAs at the end of the year so would make sense for one to take the reigns this year and the other one to be dealt (if both of them can stay healthy).  Could mean a promotion for Tuukka Rask before the season it through.

Chicago - Khabibulin is a UFA at the end of this season but the main reason he'll be dealt is to clear cap space. If GM Dale Tallon can find a way to make it work before the season starts then Khaby could stick around for a while and will be more attractive during the 2nd half of the season when his cap hit is more manageable.

Colorado - Not sure what they have in mind for Raycroft and Budaj but both are FAs at the end of the season, Raycroft (UFA) and Budaj (RFA), so they'll both be playing for contracts.

Edmonton - Similar to Boston, both veterans goalies are UFAs at the end of the year.  Look for Rolosson to be moved early in the year, Garon to be resigned and keep an eye on Jeff Drouin-Deslauriers as the new backup.

LA - Their goaltending situation is impossible to figure out but just note that Jason Labarbera is a UFA at the end of the year and its only a matter of time before Jonathon Bernier is the #1 goalie.

Minnesota - Niklas Backstrom is a UFA at the end of the season and should split time with Josh Harding this year and the system makes goalies look good so Backstrom's extension could be tied to Harding's play.

Ottawa - Martin Gerber is playing out the last year of his deal and will be a UFA next summer and we gotta think that he won't be around next year so chances are there's a trade or something goes down this year.

Philadelphia - Both Martin Biron and Antero Nittymaki will be UFAs at the end of the year and with no heir apparent in the system, Biron especially, will be playing for a big money contract.

Distraction of the Day

What's distracting us today...  still trying to get over the news last week that Canadian singer Rita MacNeil was spied on by the Canadian police since she was part of the woman's liberation movement back in the 1970s.  Now for those that know of Rita, certainly wouldn't think she'd be a threat to take down the government, the only thing she's a threat to take down is three ham sandwiches and a box of jelly donuts, and that's all before lunch...

Funny story & this one's actually true... was at a wedding in Australia and started talking to the Priest and we told him we were from Canada and he says that his girlfriend lives in Canada and proceeds to pull a picture of her out of his wallet.  I'm already confused and weirded out but then the picture ends up being of Rita MacNeil?!?... so this priest in Australia apparently has a large crush on Rita MacNeil to the point that he carries a picture of her in his wallet.... it was just wrong on so many levels.