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Daily Dosage - August 14, 2008

Daily Diarrhea

There are reports everywhere that Bryan McCabe is now willing to waive his No Trade Clause.  A source told the Toronto Sun that he's willing to go to Florida, Boston, Philadelphia, NYR & NYI. They also said that due to the fact that McCabe is getting a bonus of $2M on Sept 1st, that the trade probably won't happen until after that date.  Well Philly, NYR and Boston are all too close to the cap & we can't see how they would make it work so that leaves Florida and NYI as possible destinations.  Apparently Florida is interested and it would probably mean that a sizeable contract like Mike Van Ryn's ($2.9M cap hit for 2 more seasons) or Karlis Skrastins ($2.4M for next season) would be coming back in return amongst other scraps.  McCabe could definitely help Florida's power play, so this might happen but it will probably take a few weeks and waste about a billion dollars in productivity as everyone and their sister speculates on what will go down.

Vancouver radio station CKNW talked with Mark Parrish's agent who confirmed that they've been contacted by Vancouver, Nashville and the NYI about signing Parrish.  Vancouver is interested if they're not able to land Sundin.

As we reported yesterday, Nashville GM David Poile said that they might just stand pat and stick with their current roster and prospects but John Glennon of the Nashville Tennessean doesn't buy it.  He says that the team identified a need last year for another skilled forward, they shouldn't rely on the rookies and the team is usually very patient with their prospects so this would go against the norm.  While we agree with Mr. Glennon on the fact that they might still be in the market for some more skill, we don't think rushing out to grab an aging veteran is the right move, with lots of teams needing to dump salary due to a cap crunch, there could be better options out there.  Two examples of younger players that became available during the early part of last season were Andy McDonald and Sergei Samsonov.   

Following up on yesterday's analysis of NYI coach Scott Gordon, here's a few more random notes:

  • Is it just us or does it kinda seem like Garth Snow really wanted to hire himself but couldn't sell that to management so he just hired the closest thing to Garth that he could find.  He and Gordon are both goalies from Massachusetts who played at college, both played for the Nordiques and for the US at the Olympics.  Probably just all a coincidence but we're not sure that Snowy really knows what he's doing so he probably just wants someone that will take his directions and play the young guys, that lowers the expectations and takes all the pressure off the SnowMan.
  • People are comparing Gordon to Peter Laviolette, since they were both Providence coaches who made the jump to the Island.  Sure, Gordon and Laviolette both led their teams to 1st overall rankings and were coach of the year but Laviolette won a Calder Cup in 1998-99 with the highest scoring team in the league and then followed that up the next year by taking the team (without much talent) back to the semi-finals whereas Gordon didn't have a lot of playoff success.
  • Maybe that's not one of Snow's concerns... the NYI haven't won a playoff series since 1993.
  • Newsday did a poll to see if people thought Gordon was the right man and most agreed but around 25% said that it didn't matter cause the team didn't have any talent... touche.

Distraction of the Day

What's distracting us today...  still no medals for Canada at the Olympics but I swear we must be leading all countries in 4th place finishes, its frickin ridiculous.  But don't get too down, lets look at the bright side, as offered by our commentators:

  • At the last Summer Olympics we won the majority of our medals during the 2nd week... so you just wait.
  • The US woman that won the gold in cycling was riding a Canadian made bike... so that's like half a medal at least, right?
  • One of the US medal winners, can't remember which one, has a lot of family in Canada and may or may not have been to Canada before... so I think we could claim a portion of that that one as well.