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Daily Dosage - August 15, 2008

Daily Diarrhea

The speculation is that the Bryan McCabe deal with Florida is all set and done even though Fletcher, Martin and McCabe's agent are all denying this... either way the deal won't happened until after Sept 1st due to financial reasons.  TSN is reporting that Leaf sources say it will be McCabe and another player to Florida and then reports that Mike Van Ryn will be coming to Toronto.  People are speculating that the other player that could go to Florida might be Alexei Ponikarovsky.  We don't see this as a great move for Toronto but Cliff wants to make it seem like he's making progress in the rebuilding plan so he's willing to give these guys away and take damaged goods in return.

St. Louis has expressed interest in Brendan Shanahan but Shanny is adamant that he wants to play in New York although we're not convinced that they want him back.  The NYR don't have a lot of cap space to play with but Shanny is apparently willing to work for scraps since his family is going to live in New York this year.  If it doesn't work out, then New Jersey and Philly are said to be interested, but neither really has much cap space either.  Maybe he'll end up on the Island with the other greybeards; Guerin, Weight and Sillinger.

Philadephia gave coach John Stevens a contract extension.  Smart move as he really helped to turn them around last year and from a fantasy hockey perspective this guy is gold and is a chart buster on our Coach Rankings.

Joel Perrault resigned with Phoenix, he's been a scorer in the Q and the A but he probably won't get the opportunity in Phoenix as they've got a lot more high profile talent that will get the big ice time.

Following up on our dosage from August 5th, it appears that dman Ilya Nikulin will not be coming over from Russia to play for Atlanta.  He's back playing for Ak Bars Kazan and said that he'll play this season in Russia and try to come to Atlanta next summer.

Distraction of the Day

What's distracting us today... Report from the Edmonton Journal that former Edmonton owner Peter Pocklington is in trouble with the law.  Apparently he was part of a business deal that went sour and now his former business partner is suing him for breach of contract.  US Marshalls showed up at his house and seized some priceless pieces of art.  Now that sounds pretty grim for old Sneaky Pete but he's not going to be played like that, this guy's been involved in more shady business deals than Boots Del Biaggio, so of course he comes back with the oldest trick in the book... The art's not mine, my wife owns it.  Right.  Wondering if the US Marshalls looked around for Pete's stanley cup rings, oh right, he sold all those at a pawn shop, saying that he didn't need the rings cause he's got the memories (and the money, of course).

Still no medals for Canada... but another fourth in Shot Put.