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Daily Dosage - August 16, 2008

Daily Diarrhea

George Richards from the Miami Herald says he's hearing that in addition to the Bryan McCabe for Mike Van Ryn deal that there may also be another player coming from Florida to Toronto, he mentions Radek Dvorak or a younger player who is on the roster bubble as possibilities.

Some dude in a chat room is speculating that Boston prospect Carl Soderberg will not be coming to North America this year as he stated he would and will stay in Sweden instead.  The dude said that more news will follow, so we'll get back to you on that one.

August 15th is over, so that means that the window in Pavel Kubina's contract where he could be traded has come and gone, so in case there was any doubt, he'll stay with Toronto.

Toronto forward Mark Bell has received his get out of jail free card... do not pass go, do not collect $200... Cliff Fletcher said that he has a feeling that Bell will be in great shape... and we're betting he's become pretty good at laundry as well.

Great story out of North Carolina... Carolina forward Chad LaRose was throwing out the ceremonial first pitch at a Durham Bulls game, well his control was a just a little off and instead of finding the plate he beaned a young female musician who was standing near the backstop.  "I just threw it a little high and the catcher never tried to catch it," LaRose said. The good news was that she was unharmed and got to spend some quality time with LaRose during the game, "She came up to the seats and got pictures with me and everything," LaRose said. "I was the one more hurt by it than her, I think. … Everyone's fine except for me. I'm traumatized by the whole situation."  Way-to-go Chad, good job spreading the word, I'm sure nobody knows who you are in North Carolina and now you're bringing the high heat into kids grills... not sure that's going to win over any new Cane-iacs.

Distraction of the Day

What's distracting us today... the English Premier League kicks off today and of course we are tuned in.  Gotta love the Footy... For us its only behind hockey and college basketball in term of the best sports.  Gotta go and watch, catch you later.