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Daily Dosage - August 17, 2008

Daily Diarrhea

Larry Brooks of the NY Post is reporting that well-connected sources have told him that Mats Sundin has declared his interest in playing for the NYR this season and his agent has been in constant communication with them this week.  Brooks also reports that Sundin's 2nd choice is Philadelphia.  Have no idea how Philly could make it work under the cap but the NYR cap situation is a little more reasonable, something would have to give though.  Stay tuned.

Ryan Whitney had surgery on his left foot yesterday and is expected to be out for 3 to 5 months.  Apparently he played on a bad foot all year last year so this might explain why his numbers dropped off (from 59 points in 06/07 to 40 points last year).  Given the time frame he could miss anywhere from 20 to 50 games so bad news for fantasy hockey GMs who own Whitney (we do).  Depending on the type of league you're in, he may be undraftable but will be a good FA pickup as he gets close to returning.  Kris Letang gets a big boost on this news as he's the obvious replacement for Whitney's PP minutes and this might be an opening for Alex Goligoski to crack the squad and see some PP time as well.

Canada won the Ivan Hlinka Memorial U-18 tournament, finishing with a perfect record after beating Russia 6-3 in the gold medal final on Saturday. With the exception of Taylor Hall, every player on the Canadian team will be available at next year's NHL draft with Matt Duchene and Brayden Schenn projected to be among the top picks.  Hall is not eligible until 2010 but is looking like he'll be the top pick that year.  Hall and Schenn led the team in scoring with 6 points in 4 games.  Magnus Paajarvi of Sweden led the tournament in scoring with 9 points in 4 games.

As we promised yesterday, here's an update on Boston prospect Carl Soderberg from today's Boston Globe:

  • The Bruins were hopeful that Carl Soderberg, whom they obtained in last summer's swap with St. Louis for Hannu Toivonen, also would be part of the forward mix. But the 6-foot-3-inch, 200-pound center notified Chiarelli some 10 days ago that he has opted to remain in Sweden for one more season. A few months earlier, Soderberg said he would be here in September, and was willing to assume the risk that he could be assigned to Providence.  "It's disappointing, but we had a good talk," said Chiarelli. "At least he was persuasive in what he said - he doesn't want to come to North America and be a marginal player. 'When I get there, I want to contribute,' is what he told me.

More from Boston, GM Peter Chiarelli noted that his roster looks pretty well stocked and there's not many spots up for grabs at training camp for prospects like Blake Wheeler or Martin Karsums.  He said that Vladimir Sobotka and David Krejci, who showed impressive flashes in the second half last season, will enter training camp with a decided edge. "Sure, they've probably got an inside track," noted Chiarelli. "But on the same hand, I don't want to make anyone any promises. If they take anything for granted, they won't be there."

Distraction of the Day

What's distracting us today... Canada is on the board at the Olympics (like there was any doubt?) and is up to 7 medals now, 18th in the medal standings... with our sights firmly set on Poland, who's just ahead of us in the standing... how can we lose to the Poles, I mean c'mon.  Alright, gotta go watch Man United, cheers.