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Daily Dosage - August 19, 2008

Daily Diarrhea

Sorry for the delayed dosage, having some CPU issues...

Nikita Filatov has all his paperwork sorted out, so he is preparing to come to Columbus in a week or so to start preparing for training camp.  We're not convinced that this kids going to be in the NHL this year.  Columbus will already be introducing rookies like Jakub Voracek and Derick Brassard into the lineup this year and Howson's history (one year as the GM with Columbus and as the Assistant GM in Edmonton) indicates that he's very patient.  He resisted the urge last year to keep Voracek and Brassard on the team, so we wouldn't be suprised if Filatov gets a little sniff this year and then heads to Sudbury.  We'll have a full profile on Filatov and discuss his chances in our Breakout Bible coming September 1st.

Ladislav Nagy has signed a two year deal to play in Russia, so you can scratch him off your fantasy hockey draft cheatsheet.  Too bad, we like this guy, although he can never stay healthy.  He did indicate that he'd like to return to the NHL one day and if he has a good year or two in KHL then we can see him getting another shot in the NHL, since he's only 29.

So apparently after reporting on the weekend that Boston prospect Carl Soderberg has told the team that he won't be coming training camp this year, there is a report that Soderberg's swedish agent says that he does plan to attend Boston's training camp.  This is turning into a mini-Mats Sundin saga here, does he want to play or doesn't he??? The news didn't seem to phase Boston GM Peter Chiarelli, "Right now, nothing's changed, I don't think he's coming over. Who knows, maybe he's changed his mind, but we've had no indication of it.  The biggest thing he told me when we talked was that, when he gets here, he wants to be a contributing player," said Chiarelli. "That can also mean, like a lot of Europeans, that he doesn't want to spend time in the AHL. We know he has the talent level to play in the NHL, but he still has to show that he's got the gumption to play over here."

Distraction of the Day

What's distracting us today... The ongoing he said-she said regarding the Bertuzzi-Moore incident is back again.  So Bertuzzi is filing a suit against coach Marc Crawford saying that the coach ordered him to attack Steve Moore.  So Crawford's defense is that he was attempting to pull Bertuzzi off the ice before the attack, "Just prior to the attack on Moore, Bertuzzi had been on a shift to kill a penalty, had missed the shift change and had remained on the ice for longer than the rest of his line,'' states Crawford's third-party defence.  The defense goes on to call this a..."direct disobedience of the instruction that Bertuzzi had been given from the bench to get off the ice."  The way Crawford makes it sound he sent a 5 page email to Bertuzzi instructing him to terminate his time on the playing surface.  Crawford's defense is pretty weak but on the flip side, what are we going to start pressing charges against every guy who misses a line change???  If that's the case then better make some more room at Guantanamo Bay for every NHLer, and lets start with the most dangerous offenders like Jaromir Jagr and Alexander Ovechkin.