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Daily Dosage - August 20, 2008

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Daily Diarrhea

As part of the "meeting" that took place last week between the Minnesota brass and Marian Gaborik, I guess it came up who Gaborik would be playing with since his linemates from last year, Pavol Demitra (Van) and Todd Fedoruk (Phx) have moved on. "(Gaborik) wanted to know who he's going to play with," Risebrough said, "and it's pretty obvious it will be Koivu. Everything has to work out, but there's no better player on our team for him to play with than Koivu. And there's no better player than Sheppard to replace Koivu in the role Koivu played."  Well Doug, it may be obvious to you and me but is it obvious to your coach Jacques Lemaire?  We will see.  Good news for fantasy hockey owners of Koivu though as he gets a boost since his most frequent linemates last year were Branko Radivojevic and Stephan Veilleux... yikes.  Also good news for James Sheppard who only played about 10 minutes a game with very little PP time last year.  As for the possibility of trading Gaborik, Risebrough said that he won't react to scuttlebutt, "I'm not going to respond to rumors, or outrageous rumors, about trades," he said. "You have people on your side who are fiction writers. I won't deal with fiction writers."  Well said.

Don't see how in the world Philly could fit Mats Sundin under the cap and Philly GM Paul Holmgren seems to agree... "Personally, I'd like it to all go away," Holmgren told the Philadelphia Inquirer of the rumors that the Flyers were in the mix for Sundin. "What's the sense when we don't even know if he's going to play yet?  He's a good player, and it certainly doesn't hurt to look."  So people can forget about all the stupid rumours of them trading Jeff Carter and Danny Briere (who has a NTC) to clear space.

Apparently 19 year old Columbus prospect Stefan Legein is retiring?  He told Columbus through his agent that he will not be attending the team's training camp.  That is until his dad got wind of the story... "Until September 20th (when training camp opens), he hasn't quit anything," Legein's father said, denying the report.  Could make for some awkward conversations around the dinner table in the Legein household.

Distraction of the Day

What's distracting us today... Ok, have to update you on our 2nd favourite Olympic Athlete, Dong Dong, the Chinese trampolinist who we said was our favourite Olympic athlete on Monday.  The Donger had an excellent routine on the tramp, even described as "sublime" by some, but was bumped to a bronze medal by another Chinese guy with an unfunny name and our Canadian boy who took the silver... TAKE THAT DONG!  Our new favourite Olympic athlete is this 5'5" Aussie BMX racer (yes, BMX is an olympic event, I know, its hard to believe but true)... who legally changed his name to Kamakazi... don't think the bloke did too well in the competition but with a name like that, medals aren't necessary, you already won the prize son.