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Daily Dosage - August 21, 2008

Daily Diarrhea

Just a few brief notes and then we'll post our next Offseason +/- article...

Rich Chere of the Star Ledger reports that New Jersey GM Lou Lamoriello says it will take an extraordinary camp for rookies to win a spot on the NHL roster, but he said he believes it could happen, "It's going to take an exceptional camp or success in the preseason for that to happen, but I think in this camp there will be people pushing other players for jobs. Even players coming from junior hockey could do it. Hard to say what will happen." Lamoriello wouldn't name names, but there is strong sentiment that young players like defenseman Matthew Corrente, center Fedor Fedorov, right winger Matt Halischuk and others could compete for NHL jobs.

Tampa Bay's de-facto GM Brian Lawton has stated Mike Smith is the No. 1 goalie, but Olaf Kolzig is expected to at least push.

Disputed Nashville Predators forward Alexander Radulov was recognized as the top forward of the of the Continental Hockey League’s preseason Bashkir President’s Tournament held annually in Ufa, Russia.

Great quote from Sergei Kostitsyn during an interview by a Russian journalist:

Q: Do you remember the most original question American journalists have asked you?
A: You should not expect originality from them. Every other time they ask the same: "How do you like to play with your brother?"

Distraction of the Day

What's distracting us today... read that TSN is considering hiring former Tampa Bay coach John Tortorella as a studio analyst... would love to see this, they need someone who's not afraid to speak his mind to replace Mike Milbury (who left for CBC) & plus he's a shoe-in to win the TSN Employee Talent Show for his impersonation of Arthur "The Fonz" Fonzarelli.

Here's a classic clip from a few years ago of Torts doing his best impression of an old wise-ass curmudgeon and then he tells Larry Brooks to f-off...

and then a funny re-creation of the same interview starring some kids with acting aspirations and bad haircuts...