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Daily Dosage - August 22, 2008

Daily Diarrhea

Just a few quick notes and then we'll get back to finishing up our Breakout Bible... which is going to be packed full of fantasy hockey rankings and analysis of potential 2008/09 breakout players and we think it will come in handy for your fantasy hockey draft.... we're also working on a fantasy hockey cheatsheet that should be available in September.  Check back soon, more stuff is added daily.

The Nashville Predators have given Alexander Radulov until Sept. 1 to decide if he is to honor the final year of his contract with the team... just a hunch but we think he's already decided.

Read an interview with Atlanta GM Don Waddell and although he doesn't mention Zach Bogosian as one of his top 6 dmen for this year, he does say that he "will be in the mix" and "how quickly he comes along- we'll let his play dictate that." So it sounds like Bogosian will get a crack at the roster but we wouldn't call it a sure thing.  Atlanta has shown in the past to be fairly patient with their prospects, maybe they learned from rushing Patrik Stefan, so we'll have to see how training camp goes.

A few notes from an interview with Washington GM George McPhee:

  • He doesn't feel like they have a cap issue, "There are lots of ways to do it. It's so convoluted. We're going to be tight this year, but we'll be able to operate with the players we have. We're fine."
  • He confirmed that Brian Pothier (concussion) won't resume his career anytime soon. The defenseman has, however, shown signs of improvement recently, McPhee said.

The second point now explains the first point, if Pothier is not coming back then their cap situation is resolved.

Interesting quote from Jay Bouwmeester, "I know (free agency) is out there, but it's not really a big deal, I just want to be in a place where everything fits, you're happy and hopefully you can have some success."  Given that the Florida has missed the playoffs for all of J-Bo's 5 seasons (the last 7 in total) and don't look any closer to making it this year... take what you want from that quote.

Distraction of the Day

What's distracting us today... love this story... A Wisconsin woman has been arrested and booked for failing to pay her library fines.  She apparently blew off the library when they called her and was even told to appear in court but ignored it so they took her down.  Man the Feds refused to arrest the guy behind the whole anthrax case even though they knew it was him but the Sheriff in Wiscy has no problem raiding some deadbeat bookworm's house to drag her ass down to the station... hopefully this will be on an upcoming episode of Cops, have to see how this went down...  I can see it now... Cops bust in... "Police... freeze... put the f**kin book down & get down on the ground".