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Daily Dosage - August 23, 2008

Daily Diarrhea

Was a little bit surprised when it was announced that Adam Graves was going to have his number 9 retired by the NYR.  Really?  But when we went back and checked out his numbers, we didn't realize that he was there for 10 seasons and his rankings in team history are pretty impressive.  He's 9th in games played, 3rd in goals and 10th in points... so deserving praise for Gravy.

LA dman Jack Johnson said in an interview that his fractured right foot is completely recovered.  Johnson hurt his right foot back in March and it ended his season.  He took an extra four weeks off it to ensure the rehab went well.  Good news cause we've got big expectations for JJ this season... how big?... you'll have to check out the Breakout Bible to find out.

Toronto signed Josef Boumedienne to a two way contract... he's just there for depth and to help the Marlies.

Read an interview with St. Louis prospect Patrik Berglund, he's been hanging out in St. Louis, getting ready for training camp.  He's been rooming with fellow prospect TJ Oshie and says he likes hanging around Oshie cause he has a car.... and you thought NHLers lived the life of luxury... they're still trying to bum rides like you and me.

Distraction of the Day

What's distracting us today... family wedding today, gotta run.