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Daily Dosage - August 25, 2008

Daily Diarrhea

Not sure about you guys, but definitely getting the feeling that hockey season is right around the corner... something in the air today I guess.

According to Boston GM Peter Chiarelli, Zdeno Chara is still recovering from offseason shoulder surgery and will need some time to get back to 100%... "Yeah, 'Z' will be there, although he may start slowly, not play in every preseason game," said Chiarelli. "He's right on track, but he may need some time to feel his way into it."

Georges Laraque said that he received a solid offer from Edmonton this summer but signed with Montreal cause his Mom told him to, "At the end of the day, my mom said 'You played here for nine years, give the family back home a chance to see you live.'" Laraque said. "She said, 'If you sign there for three years, you'll still only be 34 and maybe you can still finish in Edmonton.'"  Man, all we can say is, all the agents out there better be worried cause when Mom's start calling the shots, your advice is futile.  So far this year we've had public admissions from Laraque and Michael Ryder that their Mom's still tell them what to do... can't wait for the next Hockey News issue when they list the 100 most powerful people in hockey and "Every Player's Mom" is the new #1.

Interesting interview with John P. McConnell, the Columbus majority owner, in the Columbus Dispatch where he discusses what happened with Adam Foote at the trade deadline last year:

  • "It was really unfortunate. Clearly, retrospectively, Adam had made up his mind that he wanted to be traded (to Colorado). It became clear why the (contract) negotiations weren't going anywhere. I know Scott (Howson), when we couldn't get anything else done, said to Adam: "We're not going to trade you." We felt like we were hanging in there pretty good (in the standings). We didn't want to tear the team apart. We wanted to add to it, not take from it. So we put it on a very personal level to Adam, and that just didn't move the needle very far. He just wasn't going to stay here. And it was clear that if he wasn't traded, he wasn't going to play for us."

Distraction of the Day

What's distracting us today... caught like 5 minutes of the closing ceremonies of the Olympics, and I swear it was like some drug induced dream... all the sudden a white haired Jimmy Page is on stage playing "Whole Lotta Love" (they must have paid him about a billion chinese pesos to be there), then David Beckham gets lifted up on some platform to kick a ball into the crowd (I'm sure the LA Galaxy are thrilled that he's flown from LA-London-Beijing in the past week during the middle of the season while they sit close to the basement again) and then there was some bizarre ensemble singing performance with Jackie Chan and I'm assuming amongst the other people were celebrities like the guy who invented won-ton soup and the national chinese fire-drill championship squad.