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Daily Dosage - August 26, 2008

Daily Diarrhea

As we mentioned yesterday, starting to get the feeling that hockey season & fantasy hockey season are creeping up on us... there's even been a slight up-tick in the amount of borderline fantasy hockey news....

Philadelphia has given Bryan Berard an invite to training camp... we'd call it a long-shot that he makes the squad and even if he does, he's had a bad back the past few years and is very brittle.  Its also been speculated that Philly plans to put Derian Hatcher on LTIR at the beginning of the season to help them get under cap.... oh the LTIR, used and abused by so many.

Atlanta GM Don Waddell says that he'll have Zach Bogosian signed before training camp begins and its sounding like they think he's ready to make the big club.  We wouldn't get your hopes up too much, we can count on none fingers the number of dmen that have made the jump recently from high draft pick to immediate fantasy hockey contributor.

Randy Robitaille has signed to play in Switzerland next year... smart move for him, he led the Swiss league in scoring in 2004-05 and chances are he wasn't going to lead the NHL in scoring this year, so might as well go where your bread gets buttered.

If LA fans get their way, Erik Ersberg will be their starting goalie this year.  In a poll on Rich Hammonds Blog, Ersberg currently leads the election with 43% of the vote, ahead of Jason "Hanna" LaBarbera (30%) and Jonathan Bernier (25%).  No confirmation of the rumour that the other 2% is split amongst Kelly Hrudey, Jamie Storr and Robb Stauber.

You know hockey season is getting close when the jockeying and innuendo around injuries starts to appear... Erik Johnson of St. Louis, who's recovering from shoulder surgery, says he's feeling good, around 90-95%, but hasn't been cleared for contact yet.  Same goes for Vinny Lecavalier and his shoulder rehab, but instead of 90-95%, he prefers, "its not 100%", but he should be ready to go on opening night. 

Distraction of the Day

What's distracting us today... anyone ever use the Better Business Bureau?  Well I attempted to use them for the first time a little while ago... basically, I requested that this bank send me a cheque... well to make a long story short, the cheque went from Maryland, to New York, to Parts Unknown (for a few days) to Hamilton, Bermuda to Denver, to San Francisco then boarded a boat for Vancouver to Toronto and eventually made its way to Hamilton, Ontario.... needless to say, it wasn't overnight AM delivery.  So I figured I had a legitimate complaint and something that the BBB should know about.  So I submitted a complaint to the BBB and they rejected my complaint.  So now my question is, who the hell do I complain to about the BBB???  I guess the answer is anyone who has the displeasure of reading this.