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Daily Dosage - August 27, 2008

Daily Diarrhea

Brendan Morrison says that he's getting closer to be full recovered from the surgery to repair his torn ACL.  People are saying that since he was an iron-man and appeared in 500+ consecutive games that he'll have no problem coming back... he was an iron-man but this guy's had hip, sports hernia, wrist and knee surgeries within the past 2 years.... so beware.

Montreal GM Bob Gainey said that if Sundin chooses not to accept the Habs offer that he's got other ideas in mind, "I know that certain other teams are presently over the salary cap. We'll have to see...If Mats doesn't join us, maybe we'll discuss things with those teams."

Calgary had a presser yesterday to introduce all their offseason additions.  A few great moments ensued...

  • Todd Bertuzzi talking about WTF happened in Anaheim, "I thought it was going to be a good opportunity but I just didn’t fit into the mode there with ice time - playing 10 to 12 minutes a game, it’s kind of hard to perform,"  Well someone should file a complaint with cause it says he averaged 16:27 of ice time last year and only played less than 12 minutes in a game twice... once when he left the game with a concussion and another when he was thrown out of a game with Calgary when he fought Dion Phaneuf and didn't have his shirt tied down.  Jeez, who knew their stats were so unreliable.
  • Confusing quote from Mike Cammalleri, if anyone understands what he's saying, please let us know, we'd appreciate the translation, "This is going to sound like a politically correct answer, but with the way the year went for me in a lot of ways last year -- it's been a great summer for me, with the trade and getting excited for something -- I'm really worried about being fully engaged in this season. I know it's a politically correct answer, but it's the truth."

Cliff Fletcher on Luke Schenn, "He'll be given every chance to make the team... When you look back historically Toronto's been a graveyard for young defencemen that maybe shouldn't have been integrated into the NHL lineup as early as they were. We're not going to make that mistake."  He doesn't have much fantasy hockey value as it is but it sounds like he'll go back to junior instead of ending up like Gary Nylund, Jim Benning or Drake Berehowsky.  This might be Cliff's second good move of his second tenure as Toronto GM... trading Chad Kilger for a 3rd rounder was magical.

Distraction of the Day

What's distracting us today... We can't get enough of the intrigue and anticipation of who might win the vote for the Greatest Florida Panther of All-Time on George Richards On Frozen Pond blog... personally we voted for Paul Laus (14 career goals) and Rob Niedermayer (the 5th overall pick who had 6 sub 40 point seasons for Florida)... who could pick just one between the two?  This is strangely reminiscent of the poll to pick the greatest Kevin Federline song of all-time.